GoSpotCheck delivers a Streamlined Approach for Front and Back End Data Collection! A Win - Win
October 12, 2018

GoSpotCheck delivers a Streamlined Approach for Front and Back End Data Collection! A Win - Win

Shannon Adamsen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GoSpotCheck

We currently use GSC in 3 different sectors of our business but for similar use within those sectors. We build missions to employ tasks based at the retail level for our "boots on the ground" reps. These tasks allow for easier and more consistent communication to our reps across the country that may have different managers. The consistency in communicating these tasks allows for streamlined data that can be used at high levels for analysis internally and used externally with and for our clients.

Our previous software system used with our reps had some limitations that GSC has been able to bypass for us, especially on the back end data analysis.
  • GSC's picture quality and capabilities are amazing. This is what we really use this app for out in the field. Our clients want clean and clear pictures that they can get finer details like pricing and competitor information from tags on shelf in store. However having a picture that is of a larger set of the shelf is helpful for placement information as well. With GSC's software, the ability to keep the picture quality when accessing it from the web dashboard on the backend and then allowing to zoom in for the smaller details has been extremely helpful.
  • File management system - working with Emma, our representative, we came up with a way to best organize our missions in order to be able to access them in the future and not get bogged down by an overload of missions. This has been extremely helpful with having this set up from the get go. She really listened to what our needs were and helped us pinpoint the best method.
  • GSC Support has been phenomenal! We have only had a few glitches here and there when working with the software in the field but reps are able to call support and get help on the spot. They also offer great resources online to which we point our new reps to in order to get familiar with the GSC app and what it accomplishes. Also, when we come across a function or capability we want the app to be able to do for us but it is not currently functioning in that manner, Emma has worked with us diligently to try to find a way to "work around" it and still try to retrieve the data needed and/or put it on the INNOVATION list for the app builders to look and see if it's something that should be added in the future for use by all their clients.
  • Although coming up with a organization method when naming our missions from the get go was helpful. I wish there was a way to put the missions in folders once they are stopped or archived. This would help things to stay much cleaner as we keep building more and more missions.
  • Our clients love the data we send them from GoSpotCheck. Most of them cannot have representatives across the country getting into these stores and it can be tough to provide hard takeaways other than emailing progress. This has made it streamlined and consistent.
  • We have also used it internally to track progress of our reps and make sure they are getting into stores on their route list in a timely manner. This data is used in annual and bonus performance reviews.
We used to use a product called "Stay in Front." This was a product that was used prior to my arrival at Alliance so I don't know a lot of the ins and outs regarding comparison. I have heard that Stay in Front had a much better auditing system, however retrieving pictures from the software was a little cumbersome and not as efficient as what GSC has set up for its users. The ability to pull data quickly and consistently for our clients is so important and one of the reasons why we made the switch. GSC is also often updating and upgrading the software to include more functionality and this is something we can really take hold of.
GoSpotCheck has been great when we want to collect data regarding price, number of items, yes or no responses and pictures, however it is not best used as a tool for audited large number or products. It is fairly easy to do this in the app but the data from the backend is a little bit of a nightmare! I'm hoping one day this can be looked into and provide a different way of collecting the multiple select question data to better suit audit data.