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Best Retail Execution Software include:

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

Retail Execution Software Overview

What is Retail Execution Software?

Retail execution software is used by field sales professionals and merchandising strategists at consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to maximize sales and profit at retail outlets where their goods are sold. Capabilities offered by retail execution software encompass :
  • Retail and mobile workforce guidance and product education
  • Product pricing and placement optimization
  • Product promotion strategy, deployment
  • Retail site audit workflow, inspection software features
  • Data collection (e.g. images, surveys, etc.)
  • New product order placement
  • Workforce management features for field sales / merchandising team
  • Collaboration featuers specific to the task

Retail execution software may integrate with commonly used inventory systems and retail POS. Companies offering retail execution tools may also offer product strategy and promotion consulting and advisory services, in tandem with an application.

Retail Execution Products

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GoSpotCheck enables brands to streamline their sales and merchandising team's surveys, audits and reports through mobile data collection. Companies can arm their teams with GoSpotCheck's mobile app to get real-time information about merchandising, product line performance and competitive research. B…
Repsly is a retail execution software that empowers CPG teams to achieve peak performance in the field, claims the vendor. Repsly’s manager’s dashboard equips teams with the data they need to uncover opportunities at retail, and the tools they need to deploy their team to take the right action in th…
Natural Insight
Natural Insight in Virginia offers their eponymous retail execution and field management solution for SMBs with on-site and mobile workers.
Pepperi is a retail execution software solution provider, offering technology that can be used to streamline and optimize sales activities such as merchandising, improving compliance, in-store marketing programs, fulfillment, and gathering competitive intelligence.
Reflexis ONE
Reflexis ONE is a retail execution and workforce solution featuring budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling. Instead of having store managers build and tweak schedules, Reflexis ONE provides store managers with an optimized schedule based on employee availability and store performance/demand data.
Mobisy Technologies, an Indian company, offers Bizom, a retail and supply chain analytics solution for the consumer goods industries, providing a retail execution solution.
Movista ONE
Movista One is a retail execution application. Founded by industry veterans experienced with managing distributed workforces, Movista created a enterprise platform for in-store execution and performance. The Movista platform integrates or replaces a multitude of disparate systems into a single mobil…
Inkling Collaboration
Inkling Collaboration drives better retail execution by connecting frontline employees to the leaders and resources they need. Teams spend less time in the back office and more time in the field. That means engaged employees, happier customers, and faster revenue growth.
Zenput headquartered in San Francisco offers their retail operations execution technology for general retail, restaurants, and convenience stores, supporting audits incident management, task management, and operational intelligence.
Shelvspace headquartered in Scottsdale offers retail execution software, providing a predictive retail execution approach that enables teams to get in front of problems by directing them to opportunities or risks making the greatest impact on the brand’s initiatives.
Accenture Cloud Retail Execution
Accenture Cloud Retail Execution is a solution designed to reduce costs while increasing revenue and focusing field sales teams on high value visits with your prioritized activities. The Accenture Cloud Retail Execution product provides retail execution management; in-store execution; sales represen…
BeatRoute Innovations
BeatRoute is a retail execution solution, uniquely designed for a distributed field sales force. It uses applied intelligence to maximize outcomes from Sales Force Automation and supports use cases such as market coverage, field sales, field marketing, site installations, and surveys. BeatRoute off…
SalesDiary is an AI-driven mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) System from the company of the same name in Bangalore, used to manage field operations of a business.
FieldAssist headquartered in Gurgaon offers their Sales Automation Platform used by brands across FMCG, Apparel and CPG industries and by sales professionals to provide visibility to organizations of their secondary sales.
Channelplay 1Channel
1Channel Sales Force Management Solution from Channelplay in India helps users plan, manage and get real time insights into field sales & marketing activities. From tracking sales executives' attendance and location to helping them take orders, capture stock, manage collections and track visibility …
o9 Solutions
o9 Solutions headquartered in Dallas provide their suite Integrated Business Planning solutions oriented to the long-term planning needs of retail and apparel, supporting demand and sales forecasting on the product feature (e.g. product planning and change) or product marketing (e.g. promotions) lev…
Flowfinity heaquartered in Vancouver provides a no code mobile app development platform, allowing the user to build business applications that make a difference without the cost and delays of coding. Flowfinity software offers a simple way to build mobile business process applications for inspection…
Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud
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Salesforce offers a retail execution technology solution via the Consumer Goods Cloud, supporting visit planning and audits, as well as strategic field sales and mobile orders. It is available in the Merchandiser, Field Sales, and Strategic Sales editions.