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Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce, GoSpotCheck by FORM, Accenture Cloud Retail Execution and Trade Promotion Management, Relex Solutions, Repsly, Zenput, Wooqer, Natural Insight and Bizom.

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GoSpotCheck by FORM

GoSpotCheck by FORM enables brands to streamline their sales and merchandising team's surveys, audits and reports through mobile data collection. Companies can arm their teams with GoSpotCheck's mobile app to get real-time information about merchandising, product line performance…


StoreForce is the eponymous retail operations software solution from the company headquartered in Toronto, that helps users drive sales, optimize the workforce, execute strategies and support a highly engaged workforce. Beyond providing visibility into store performance, the solution…

LEAFIO AI Retail Platform

Leafio AI Retail Platform: Supply Chain Solutions for Retailers LEAFIO AI is a software provider specializing in retail supply chain automation and optimization with a presence in over 20 countries, boasting more than 180 retail companies as customers. LEAFIO helps retailers manage…

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Infilect InfiViz

Infilect Technologies headquartered in Bengaluru specializes in deriving intelligence by parsing large-scale visual content such as photos and videos using proprietary deep learning and artificial intelligence technology to provide scalable automation and analytics solutions for…

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce offers a retail execution technology solution via the Consumer Goods Cloud, supporting visit planning and audits, as well as strategic field sales and mobile orders. It is available in the Merchandiser, Field Sales, and Strategic Sales editions.

Relex Solutions

Relex Solutions offers retail optimization and demand forecasting capabilities, including inventory optimization, promotion management, replenishment, assortment management, and space & planogram optimization.

Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce

Blue Yonder headquartered in Scottsdale (formerly JDA Software Group) states that Luminate Commerce delivers responsive, integrated business planning and operations powered by artificial intelligence/machine learning insights and forecasting models. With real-time data and AI/ML…

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GreatVines is a Sales Execution Platform for beverage suppliers, distributors, and promotional agencies. Powered by Salesforce, the GreatVines suite of mobile tools helps users to manage 3-tier account relationships, plan appropriate sales activities, create smarter goals for growth,…

Shelf IQ
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Shelf IQ® presents a solution for automating space planning activities. With a no-code interface, Shelf IQ® is designed to make space planning easier. With just a few clicks, users can apply changes to thousands of planograms instantly. Shelf IQ® can also be used to generate planograms…

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Weelo is a B2B enterprise solution that manages operations of multiple sales channels from warehouse to cash collection.Weelo is designed to help manufacturers and distributors manage and streamline their sales and distribution processes in real time.

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eMobiz from FPT Software is a Sales force automation (SFA) solution and retail execution / retail activities optimization solution, that automates business tasks such as sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance…

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QVALON is a mobile app solution designed to streamline workflows between the head office and retail stores, so users can boost efficiency with task management, inspections, collaboration, and analytics.

Spring mobileRetail

Spring Global, headquartered in Denver, offers Spring mobileRetail, which helps align company retail merchandising goals with field salespersons' knowledge and capability. The app provides field salesperson activity logging and tracking, merchandising analytics and measurement, product…


mobileCustomer from retail execution specialist Spring Global headquartered in Denver, is an order tool designed to enable customers to order & make payments using either SMS text or WhatsApp.


Spring Global headquartered in Denver offers their mobileDelivery application to optimize direct store delivery with invoicing and other document management, provide route optimization, handle vehicle and field inventory management, as well as GPS tracking and fleet control.


Spring Global headquartered in Denver offers mobileVanSales, an application supporting direct to store delivery with vehicle and inventory management, GPS tracking and route optimization, driver management and motivation tools, and other features.

Spring mobileSales

Spring Global, headquartered in Denver, offers Spring mobileSales, an application for retail field salespersons which helps locate customer order history or other characteristics, prioritize customers, provide pricing recommendations, offer gamified techniques of sales motivation,…

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Shelvspace headquartered in Scottsdale offers retail execution software, providing a predictive retail execution approach that enables teams to get in front of problems by directing them to opportunities or risks making the greatest impact on the brand’s initiatives.

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Flowfinity heaquartered in Vancouver provides a no code mobile app development platform, allowing the user to build business applications that make a difference without the cost and delays of coding. Flowfinity software offers a simple way to build mobile business process applications…

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Zenput headquartered in San Francisco offers their retail operations execution technology for general retail, restaurants, and convenience stores, supporting audits incident management, task management, and operational intelligence.

Wiser Commerce Execution Suite

Wiser Solutions, headquartered in San Mateo, offers Commerce Execution SaaS products. The suite provides brands, retailers, brokers, and distributors with intelligence to make better decisions, online and in-store. Wiser’s platform supports a variety of use cases, from market awareness…

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Shelvz is a retail execution software that aims to boost CPG portfolio visibility, team efficiency, and provides tools to help users take quick and decisive action. Shelvz fits uses cases from managing merchandising, sales, promoter, or mystery shopper teams, with a modular approach…

Channelplay 1Channel

1Channel Sales Force Management Solution from Channelplay in India helps users plan, manage and get real time insights into field sales & marketing activities. From tracking sales executives' attendance and location to helping them take orders, capture stock, manage collections and…

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FieldAssist headquartered in Gurgaon offers their Sales Automation Platform used by brands across FMCG, Apparel and CPG industries and by sales professionals to provide visibility to organizations of their secondary sales.

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SalesDiary is an AI-driven mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) System from the company of the same name in Bangalore, used to manage field operations of a business.

Learn More About Retail Execution Software

What is Retail Execution Software?

Retail execution software is used primarily by consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to assist with overseeing in-store activities. Professionals such as sales and merchandising strategists within the CPG companies are able to gain better communication and collaboration with retailers, allowing for better sales and profits. These tools are available as a single product or a multi-solution product. They are capable of integrating with other software products, such as Point of Sale (POS) systems and Trade Promotion Management software.

Retail execution software also helps field sales professionals manage data. Additionally, it can help provide insight and forecastability into future sales. Retail execution software stays in compliance with any new rules or policies.

Retail Execution Software Features

Retail execution software includes the following identifiable features:

  • Retail and mobile workforce guidance and product education
  • Product pricing and placement optimization
  • Product promotion strategy, deployment
  • Retail site audit workflow, inspection software features
  • Data collection (e.g. images, surveys, etc.)
  • New product order placement
  • Workforce management features for field sales / merchandising team
  • Collaboration features specific to the task

Retail Execution Software Comparison

When comparing products, consider these factors:

  • Ease of Use: The product’s ease of use, including the learning curve, should be kept in mind before making a purchase. You should also evaluate the user-friendliness of certain features, such as creating and completing surveys.
  • Retail size: Be sure to consider your company size when comparing retail execution software. Some of the products are only designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized retail companies.
  • Industry: Products can be designed for specific retail industries, such as clothing. Purchasing generic software would require more customization than a product that is tailored to your industry.

Pricing Information

The price of retail execution software is determined by features, packaging options, and the number of users. Most vendors offer starter, standard, business, and advanced packages. Expect to either pay per user, usually ranging from $5 to $10, or annually, which costs $80 to $400 per month. Some products offer a free trial or a demo that explains the different features and package options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does retail execution software do?

Retail execution software is used by field sales professionals and merchandising strategists to maximize sales and profit at retail outlets. It is capable of integrating with commonly used inventory systems and retail POS. Some vendors also offer product strategy and promotion consulting and advisory services.

What are the benefits of using retail execution software?

Retail execution software enables companies to streamline their sales and merchandising teams’ surveys, audits, and reports through mobile data collection. It may be deployed on several different platforms, including mobile apps. Integration with other SaaS products allows retail professionals to have their data stored within one platform.

What are the best retail execution software products?

How much does retail execution software cost?

Pricing for retail execution software is based on factors such as packaging options and the number of users. Expect to pay per user, which costs between $5 and $10, or annually, ranging from $80 to $400 per month. Some products offer a free trial.