Anything you need, it's there!
July 12, 2017

Anything you need, it's there!

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Modules Used

  • HotSchedules Train, Powered by Schoox

Overall Satisfaction with Schoox

We use HotSchedules Train consistently at all of our field locations as well as in our home office. Of course, it's used by our training department. It's also used by management in the field to train up new crew members. But we also use it to constantly improve the knowledge of our seasoned team members. There's no shortage to how many courses, exams, curricula, etc., that you can upload. It addresses the problem of inconsistent training. Every crew member has access to the same and, more importantly, correct training. There's no risk of one trainer showing a shortcut or another one showing a new trainee how to do it "their way." There is one way to do a task and the trainee is learning the corporate approved method. This ensures successful training. Successful training of all crew members leads to a successful location.
  • The ease of uploading documents or slideshows or videos for new training courses. This is the most important part of training, the content. [It's] Personalized to our company's needs to make us as successful as we can.
  • The ability to track every enrolled person's progress. It has date and time stamps, percentage complete, etc. You can also set deadlines that they must complete by. This is a plus for fast paced companies that need precise updates at all times.
  • The support team for HotSchedules Train is amazing. I speak to a real person every single time. They are in a positive and upbeat mood every single time. They have solved my problem almost every single time. The only time they didn't solve my problem was because it was a function that didn't exist yet. I get a follow up email that summarizes our discussion, in case I did not take proper notes. This team is a serious wealth of information and problem solving.
  • Ease of access. You can access this tool anywhere, anytime, from any piece of technology. In the office we use it on our desktops. In the field they use tablets and cell phones. All processes work.
  • There is a functionality that I thought existed but does not. The ability to copy old training and paste it into a new course. This would help because we personalize training based off location, but the bulk of the training stays the same. To be able to start with a fresh slate with no student stats in the course would be beneficial. Right now you can copy and paste into the same course. I want to be able to start a new course with documents already uploaded and exams already made. Then I could make minor tweaks and push out immediately.
  • I have trouble understanding the organization of where to find courses. I find myself clicking the "content" tab, then the "me" tab, and finally the "training" tab. I would want a little more clarity in those descriptive words.
  • I would want to see some improvement in the ease of getting to the course dashboard. Once the course is made and assigned, that's the most important area that we go to. Right now it's multiple screens to get there. Perhaps if, once the course is made and assigned, the button jumped to the top of the first screen once you hit "manage course" that would be great.
  • I would be interested in seeing a side by side of how courses translate from a desktop view to a tablet or smart phone view. So after (or during) the course being built, showing what it looks like to remote users.
  • The ability to send a reminder text about a course, as opposed to a reminder email. People all communicate in different ways. This would bridge the gap to those that primarily use texting.
We have special locations that work differently and I have recommended this to them. Even for locations set up differently, it still applies. Because everything can be personalized to fit the need of the user. These locations have become so adept at it that they have become admins themselves so they can implement their ideas immediately. I have yet to come across a scenario where this is not appropriate.

Using Schoox

I would give an eight out of ten on usability, because multiple people have experienced confusion when trying to find specific areas on the website. It is missing a smooth flow or hierarchy of functions available. While ultimately the correct function is found, we have to make notes of how to find it for next time. If this was improved, I would change my rating to a ten.