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Cognos TM1 Review: "TM1 is one of the best business application development platforms"

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Amazing performance because of in-memory OLAP engine. It's easy to setup and highly scalable. The UI is not pretty and the learning curve can be pretty steep. It's an expensive system, but the ROI can be great with the right team.

Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cognos TM1

Overall IBM Cognos TM1 Rating : 10 of 10

Cognos TM1 Average: 10.0
Software may not be cheap but a cheaper version (IBM Cognos Express) is out there if you don't have that many users.

Cognos TM1 Pros

  • Performance is amazing because of it's in-memory OLAP engine.
  • With a little experience, it's a great rapid deployment platform that can model just about any business process.
  • It is actually quite scalable considering the amount of RAM that can be installed on servers nowadays.
  • Easy to setup and migrate to a new environment.

Cognos TM1 Cons

  • It lacks a pretty user interface.
  • Learning curve can be high for non-technical person.
  • Getting data out of the system could be easier.

ROI on Cognos TM1 purchase

With the right mix of consultants, contractors, and internal W2 employees, ROI can be as high as 160 hours saved per month for a $100K project.

Likelihood to Renew Cognos TM1 : 10 of 10

Cognos TM1 Average: 10.0
This is a planning developer's dream. You feel like you're given a blank canvas with all the right tools to make it an artwork. It is the future of business application development.
This review was published on July 30, 2013

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