Infinite Campus offers infinite possibilities for use
Updated April 16, 2021

Infinite Campus offers infinite possibilities for use

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Overall Satisfaction with Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is being used across our whole organization for all our teachers and administration. It allows us to have all our grades (transferred from GradPoint) and progress in one program. We then take that data (as administrators) and transfer it into our pacing guides (spreadsheets created by our site director) for all our students. It also allows us to track their progress in getting to and finishing their USA Test Prep for their Milestone/EOC courses and their EOC percentages. As a special education teacher, it is also my portal to GO-IEP for my special education students.

As administrators, we also utilize the reports/student summary/show assignment detail to generate reports for each of our students which correlates with our Course Completion Forms utilized by our counselors.

So as you can see, it is utilized by many departments throughout our organization. A very useful tool, if albeit a bit hard to navigate/find what you're looking for in the gradebook, simply because there is SO much data held there.
  • It provides all your tracking/progress date in one place. Very comprehensive.
  • Ability to generate complete and detailed progress reports for each of our students.
  • Allows our team to utilize the data and transfer it to our own pacing spreadsheets for each group of students we are tracking.
  • And as a special education teacher, I use it as a portal to my GO-IEP program, which is invaluable.
  • The Gradebook is just so busy, even though it does contain all the grades/information you need, I find it very hard to find data/information just because of the sheer numbers and drop downs that I have to go through to get to what I want.
  • Not very user-friendly for first time users - takes many tries and searching around to get to where you want. Gets easier as you use it, but they could attempt to make it more user-friendly for the novice/first time users.
  • I'd like to see the drop-down menu for the classes broken up into separate folders/files for each group (ie. ELA, Social Studies, Science, Math). Then it wouldn't be just rows and rows of classes that make my eyes run them all together and hard to find the ONE I am looking for.
  • Positive impact: Allows us to keep our pacing guides up to date for weekly meetings and information dissemination.
  • Positive impact: Allows us to provide our counselors, students, and parents with informative progress reports in a timely manner.
  • Negative impact: Takes more time away from our other duties when it takes so long to find the data/information I'm looking for amongst all the classes I need to go through just to get to the one I need. They really should look at a better way to arrange/group the drop down menu for the classes.
I heard about Gradelink from my Site Director and our HQ team, but I have never used Gradelink. I was told we use Infinite Campus because it has more of the tools our program needed for our various sites and varied student population across the state. Our three YCA sites are very different from our other Foothills Education Charter High Schools across the state, so we needed something that accommodated them all.
Good for generating progress reports and tracking when we have to report date at meetings and to 'higher ups' and also to send the progress reports to the parents and as part of student's IEPs; hard to find where to put your data, and then hard to find it with so many classes listed in only one drop-down menu. I really feel this could be done better/easier for us to utilize and find what we want faster and more efficient. That is why I only gave it a rating of 8.