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"Mintigo InterestBase Review"

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TrustRadius Review Summary

Mintingo InterestBase searches the web for leads with interests that match our products. So far, it has worked well: we are seeing good engagement and high conversion rates. I would recommend.

Overall Satisfaction with Mintigo

Overall Mintigo Rating : 10 of 10

Mintigo Average: 10.0
Really good insight on our customer base

Mintigo Pros

  • Customer identification and acquisition
  • Improved lead scoring for aligning buyer's interest to what we sell

Mintigo Cons

N/A - delivers on agreement

ROI on Mintigo purchase

  • High engagement with leads (MQLs)
  • Conversion rates are strong

Likelihood to Renew Mintigo : 10 of 10

Mintigo Average: 10.0
Delivering on the promise.  High engagement with the leads.  Good conversion rates.

Using Mintigo

Key Mintigo Use Cases

  • Customer acquisition (Tofu leads)
  • Aligning buyer's interest to what we sell
  • Improved lead scoring

Evaluating Mintigo and Competitors

Products Replaced by Mintigo

We did not switch from any software package. - N/A

Mintigo Implementation

Mintigo Implementation Rating and Lessons : 10 of 10

Mintigo Average: 10.0

Mintigo Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

Implemented in-house

Mintigo Training

Methods Used for Mintigo Training

  • In-person training
  • Self-taught

Mintigo In-Person Training Rating : 10 of 10

Mintigo Average: 10.0
Easy, 30 min

Ease of Mintigo Training

Very easy and intuitive.  I would recommend to others.

Mintigo Support

Overall Support Rating for Mintigo : 10 of 10

Mintigo Average: 10.0
Great insights on customer insights and behaviors

Mintigo Premium Support

No - Support is not needed
This review was published on July 25, 2013

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