JMeter evaluation 2014
May 19, 2014

JMeter evaluation 2014

Jimmy Armitage | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with JMeter

JMeter is becoming the standard across Intuit. There is still a legacy investment in Silk Performer but it is being phased out in favor of JMeter. One large organization does have its own tool but most have adopted the open source JMeter. Another tool that is seeing adoption is Gatling. JMeter is open source and free. That addresses the issue that Silk Performer is an expensive problem. JMeter does not require licenses. That addresses the issue that Silk Performer machines are a limited problem. JMeter experience is easier to find and is more relevant in today's market.
  • JMeter is easy to use. Explaining how to get a simple script going is not difficult.
  • JMeter is open source and free.
  • JMeter really is the industry standard now.
  • JMeter does not make good use of system resources. In the AWS cloud I often use 100 m1.large JMeter instances to simulate equivalent loads as 20 m1.medium Gatling instances.
  • The JMeter .jmx file is hard to diff. JMeter scripts are not written as code, the user uses a GUI to create a gigantic xml file.
  • When you have to drop into Beanshell things are not fun.
  • JMeter has allowed us to simulate complex user models at 5000-10000 TPS scale with confidence.
  • Gatling
Gatling is the future. JMeter is good, Gatling is better.
It is the current industry standard and is still a great tool!
If you can not code, use JMeter, it is the best.
If you can code, try Gatling, it is the future.