Why you want to pick Kinnser Home Health Software
August 29, 2016

Why you want to pick Kinnser Home Health Software

Amy Sweet | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Kinnser Home Health Agency Software

Kinnser Home Health Agency Software is used for the home health division of our company. It is in my opinion the best home health software available on the market. It is extremely user friendly for field staff to work in, and makes the training process very simple, as it is so intuitive that training takes minimal time (less than 1 hour). On the back-office side, the workflow is seamless and customizable to how much quality assurance, scheduling, and oversight you want. From a management standpoint, I love the "Dashboard" where one can see a top view of the entire agency's (or a branch) revenue, top diagnoses, time to bill RAPs, EOEs, order's manager, accounts receivable, etc. It makes mistakes much less likely due to the functionality of the software. As a user of other softwares previously, I can't be more grateful for how easy it is to document in the field, and how easy it is for nurses/therapists/aides to navigate from a phone, tablet, laptop, in almost any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox).
  • While I love almost everything about Kinnser's Home Health software, its user friendliness to the field staff is probably its best feature. With home health being a mobile industry, having something that is easy, fool-proof, accessible, and not dependent on a specific phone/tablet/browser is a must. All the tasks for the week pop up when a person logs in, making it hard to miss a task, and easy to organize by day. No need to go to multiple screens to chart, its all off the main page when you log in.
  • Its K-mail, a HIPPA compliant email system internally within the software, makes it easy to communicate with staff, shows who has read something and who has not, and can be part of patient's chart only if desired.
  • The workflow system, and ease of use in the back-office is very nice as well. It's easy to manage users, access, reports, scheduling, and QA. I also love all the webinars for management staff. Kinnser is always leading, and usually a step ahead of the industry.
  • Billing is fairly straightforward and it also checks eligibility on all patient's automatically weekly.
  • The one thing that I feel the home health software could improve is its billing manager. While it submits the claims easily, if there are rejections, or problems, you have to work those through a different software (we use Ability EASE), or through DDE. They have come out with an Billing Manager 2.0 that one can upgrade to, but it has glitches as well, and so I feel that a new version still needs to be released soon. Its accounting is never exact, due to ADRs, and RAPs that have to be cancelled, but then eventually pay; scenarios that are uncommon but do happen. Therefore, I have to reconcile separately, which can be time consuming. Posting insurance payments can be tricky as well with unusual scenarios as well, such as Medicare Secondary Payments. They continue to make improvements, and I'm waiting for thebilling manager to improve. That being said, it is still much better than other softwares I have worked in.
  • I wish you could not delete a Face to Face and then bill -- there should be a block of some kind that prevents this from happening. The software won't let you bill without a Face to Face being completed, but then if it gets deleted (by accident) it doesn't let anyone know.
  • It had a positive impact since day one, as employees' satisfaction improved in both the office and field from utter frustration to enjoyment.
  • It has allowed us to have huge growth, and still able to stay compliant with regulations given the strong systems that Kinnser has in place to be able manage large amounts of staff and patients with ease.
  • The changes in home health by Medicare have been addressed by Kinnser ahead of schedule, with multiple webinars and trainings available to our staff, which I am so grateful for.
  • HealthCare First
Our team has used Health Care First, Home Care Home Base, McKesson, and proprietary software, none of which have been able to compare to the benefits of Kinnser. Kinnser is the leader among them all. HealthCare First was terrible for multiple reasons, the most critical being user frustration in the field, and the back-office. It only worked on Internet Explorer, and certain settings had to be modified in order for it to work. Even when everything was done correctly, it still gave our field staff and office staff problems daily. It was cumbersome to schedule, and difficult to manage patients in the software. Even entering an order was complicated. Compared to Home Care Home Base, again, Kinnser is so much easier to use in the field, and in the office. I selected Kinnser for my employees to have something easy to chart in, but have been so happy with all the multiple additional benefits from having the leader in the industry as my software company.
Kinnser Home Care Software for Private Duty, Kinnser Hospice Software, Kinnser RiskPoint
I think Kinnser Home Health is wonderful for all small, medium and large size agencies because you can't get any better from an employee perspective, and that is paramount to home health. I also love that you can go between Home Health and Hospice if you have both divisions in one system easily (a toggle button at the top of the screen). I think the financial management system is challenging when you are a large agency, but I still don't think there is anything better on the market, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Using Kinnser Home Health Agency Software

60 - Nurses, home health aides, therapists, administrators, schedulers, managers, case management, billing. The entire home health division uses Kinnser Home Health Software.
Kinnser has an excellent support team, and we haven't needed anyone to support us in-house because of how easy it is to train and use, and how strong there support is. Another reason I really love Kinnser.
  • Documentation of visits
  • Billing
  • Case management/QA/Compliance
  • Orders managment
  • The physician portal allows physicians to sign orders electronically, and this has been very helpful.
  • The employee management part allows you to track when they need to renew their licenses, CPR certification, background checks, etc., and you can also have the entire employee chart on the system as well.
  • Kinnser RiskPoint--you have to pay more for it, but it's the most innovative, cutting edge way to prevent hospitalizations.
  • They are constantly improving and adding features.
Because it's truly the leader in the industry at the moment, and I'm very satisfied with their organization.

Evaluating Kinnser Home Health Agency Software and Competitors

Yes - I replaced HealthCare First with Kinnser, and it was the best decision ever. That previous software was very difficult to even log in, was not compatible with multiple browsers, was very cumbersome to chart in, manage patients in, and was not a completely electronic medical record. You couldn't upload documents into the charts, so you had to have a paper chart as well. It was very frustrating for our staff daily, and it hindered our ability to grow, hire, and retain employees.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Third-party Reviews
Product usability was the most important factor, without that you are crippled as a mobile agency.
I am so happy with my decision.

Kinnser Home Health Agency Software Implementation

It takes 60 days to move all patients over depending on when they re-certify. It was a very easy process.
Yes - Training was for 3 days - and very thorough, with webinars before and after as well.
Change management was minimal - It was fairly seamless, and so much easier, we were so happy when the last patient was transferred into Kinnser.

Kinnser Home Health Agency Software Support

It's very good. For complex upgrades that I request, they don't obviously get to them immediately, but for all technical issues or training issues they are 100% on target.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - It's free and excellent
Yes - Yes, almost immediately.
Kinnser has had one on one meetings with their lead team members from Austin. [They] actually provide 1 on 1 support to take notes on ways they can improve their software, and then they actually created and customized reports that we requested. They went above and beyond.

Using Kinnser Home Health Agency Software

Because it is so easy to use.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The K-mail
  • The visit notes
  • The scheduling
  • The billing troubleshooting problems
Yes - It is easy to use on all smartphones and tablets -- there is not a specific app, but you don't need one as it web-based and easy to use.