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Home Health Care Software Overview

What is Home Health Care Software?

Home Health Care Software provides a solution to streamline operations, help keep companies abreast of regulatory and guideline changes, and improve patient care. The primary functions of this category of software are:

  • Scheduling and Time Tracking: Agencies must track caregiver locations, including calculation of mileage and expenses. Home Health Care Software also automatically updates schedules and provides notifications when things change.
  • Billing and Electronic Claims: Claims and billing are a time-consuming aspect of any home health care business. Software manages HIPAA compliant automated electronic claim tracking and bill presentment, and helps with collections management.
  • Point-of-Care information: Automated tools for caregiver note taking, teaching guides, and online access to patient care plans with information on medication interactions, etc.
  • Client Management: Software assists in drafting HIPAA-compliant messaging to both employees and patients, and helps coordinate volunteers.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance issues are surfaced through alerts and notifications. The software also keeps employees updated on best practices and Medicare and Medicaid changes.

Home Health Care Products

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Brightree is an EMR software platform for home health care and hospice businesses. It includes a native iPad point-of-care app designed to facilitate user-friendly documentation, and ultimately, compliance.
WellSky Home Health (formerly Kinnser Agency Manager)
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WellSky (formed from the merger of Kinnser Software and Mediware) offers WellSky Home Health (formerly Kinnser Agency Manager), a home health agency management software emphasizing operations automation (e.g. scheduling, intake and electronic visit verification, etc.)
Homecare Homebase
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Homecare Homebase is home health agency and hospice software designed to help businesses streamline scheduling, routing and patient notes, intake, approvals, billing and payment from one portal.
WellSky Hospice (formerly Kinnser Hospice)
Wellsky Hospice (formerly Kinnser Hospice) is is a hospice care management application emphasizing operations automation, business management and care provider accountability (e.g. scheduling, revenue cycle management, incident prevention etc.) that is now supported by Wellsky, the company formed fr…
Kinnser RiskPoint
Kinnser RiskPoint is a predictive analytics solution attached to the Kinnser Agency Manager EHR. The software aims to help home health agencies reduce hospitalizations by assessing risk of hospitalization for each patient. Kinnser is now supported by Mediware since the companies merged in 2017.
WellSky Home Health Therapy (formerly Kinnser Therapy Manager)
WellSky Home Health Therapy (formerly Kinnser Therapy Manager) is a web-based mobile application from WellSky, the company formed from the merger of Kinnser Software and Mediware. The software focuses on operations automation (e.g. scheduling, document management) and also features business and reve…
WellSky Private Duty (formerly Kinnser ADL)
WellSky Private Duty (formerly Kinnser ADL) is a home health provider's management platform, providing scheduling, messaging, and operations automation. Kinnser Software merged with Mediware in 2017. The new company has rebranded as WellSky.
CliqCare is a home health agency support software maintained and offered by Webnomics Technologies in Virginia.
FasterNotes (Discontinued)
FasterNotes Software was a point of care software provider specifically oriented to the needs of home health agency, now obsolete.
HealthTrust Home Care
HealthTrust Software in Nacogdoches, TX offers their operational support software, named simply Home Care, to home health delivery agencies.
CallConfirmLive! is software supporting the operations of home health agencies, from CM2000 in the UK.
Procura is software from Complia Health, a Canadian company, that supports the administrative and operational needs of home healthcare delivery organizations.
Santrax Agency Management
Sandata Technologies in New York offers Santrax Agency Management to automate operational processes inherent in home health organizations.
ContinuLink is an enterprise level home healthcare agency operational support software from Canadian company Complia Health.
KanTime Healthcare Software
KanTime Healthcare is a comprehensive suite of software for home healthcare delivery organizations, providing administrative and operational support for these organizations.
TherapySync in Keller, Texas offers their suite of applications for contract home health agencies, to provide document management and operational automation.
DeVero is an EMR and operational support software now supported by Netsmart in San Jose, CA since the acquisition of the company DeVero by Netsmart in July, 2017.
Caretime is a suite of modules supporting the operations of home health agencies, from the company of the same name in Virginia.
Delta Encore
Delta Encore is a software from Delta Health Technologies in Altoona, PA, designed to support home health agencies and hospice care providers.
Conexia offers solutions for the healthcare industry, and promises to: Improve Care QualityAchieve Operational Excellence through automation Improve User ExperienceOptimize Resources
Enlite is provided as a user-friendly cloud-based case management system for nonprofits. The vendor states that Enlite's streamlined system creates more efficient operations for all departments, increasing the amount of time service providers have to care for clients. Enlite enables Service provi…
Casamba Home & Hospice
Casamba Home & Hospice, the clinician-optimized EMR, helps users efficiently manage critical clinical and administrative processes, from Casamba in Agoura Hills.
SHP for Agencies
SHP for Home Health Agencies (or simply SHP for Agencies) is a web-based data analytics and benchmarking solution that gives home health organizations the ability to manage performance, stay compliant, and follow best practices.