Kofax Power PDF's User Friendly Feature Rich Program Creates Efficiencies that Save Time and Money
Updated January 12, 2022

Kofax Power PDF's User Friendly Feature Rich Program Creates Efficiencies that Save Time and Money

Loren Piel | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Power PDF Advanced

Overall Satisfaction with Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance)

I use Kofax Power PDF to scan or print documents, to create searchable text in PDFs, to edit PDFs, to create forms, to convert PDFs to Word documents for easy editing, and to sign documents using an e-signature. It is a full service option that provides a lot of functionality at a reasonable cost (far less costly than similar programs offered by other providers).
  • Kofax Power PDF provides an easy option to edit or comment on PDF files.
  • Kofax Power PDF can quickly convert image only pages to searchable text to help make using longer documents much more efficient.
  • Kofax Power PDF allows me to encrypt PDFs and to restrict users' ability to make changes to or copy text. I can comfortably lock down my PDF so that it allows for printing and signing but does not allow the recipient to make changes to the document itself.
  • Power PDF helps me to quickly create forms to be used by others with the ability to fill in the blanks and sign the document without manipulating the text.
  • Although the program is fairly intuitive, some functions take a little time to master.
  • Although Kofax provided a good set of instructional videos on YouTube, they have not continued to add more video trainings for other features.
  • Kofax Power PDF saves me significant time. When I recently started in a new position in-house, I requested that they purchase a copy for my use at the office based on my familiarity with the product and its features and the efficiency that it creates in the course of my practice. The price point is very attractive versus the more costly options used by a number of people at the company and was immediately approved.
Kofax Power PDF has made me more efficient. In my private practice, the program has saved me time which resulted in my clients saving money through reduced time billed for their work. In my in-house legal work, Kofax Power PDF has helped me to create searchable PDF's which help me to quickly find and copy data from lengthy documents. Finally, the program has enabled me to help our Human Resource Department with creation of forms and editing of PDFs to keep them up to date.
  • Kofax OmniPage (formerly Nuance)
When I found myself back in private practice after prior in-house legal positions, Kofax Power PDF was my replacement for a much more expensive and complicated program I used at a previous in-house legal position. It is far more user friendly and meets all my needs at a very reasonable cost.
Kofax Power PDF is very user friendly and intuitive. I've been able to quickly master routine tasks and basic functionality without further assistance. I have also taken advantage of some online tutorials to pick up additional tips and tricks. The support is proactive from that standpoint. I have never had to reach out for additional assistance with this program.

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The most valuable features for me have been the ability to easily make PDFs searchable, to convert DPFs to Word documents for editing, and to create forms. When faced with a PDF that is hundreds of pages long, being able to search for key words in the document after making it searchable has saved me hours of time that would otherwise have been spent looking for a veritable needle in a haystack.
Kofax Power PDF meets all my needs in my law practice for both transactional law and for my litigation practice. I use Kofax Power PDF regularly to OCR PDFs and to convert PDFs to Word documents for editing, etc. I have also used Kofax Power PDF to bates stamp documents for production in litigation.

Using Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance)

1 - I am House Counsel and I use Kofax Power PDF extensively on a daily basis. It is my default program for handling PDFs and I use it to create forms, to edit PDFs, to separate scans when multiple documents are scanned as a single PDF, and to print "signed" documents from Word to Power PDF either using a signature image or using the Signature Stamp I created in Kofax Power PDF. I also take advantage of the Security features to modify the security settings on PDFs. I know those features are not a guaranty of security - but the security settings provide some peace of mind that I can secure my documents before sending them out. I not only use it for my own tasks, but I am constantly editing PDFs for our Human Resources Department. I'm certain that there are other features of Kofax Power PDF that I could use in my daily work - I just have to carve out more time to take advantage of the training 31 videos Kofax has provided through YouTube. Hopefully Kofax will roll out more videos over time to help me take full advantage of the software.
I do not require any outside support for Kofax Power PDF either from our IT Department or from Kofax. Power PDF has a robust feature set with a very user friendly and intuitive user interface. I do not recall ever needing support directly from Kofax or from our IT professionals.
  • I use Kofax Power PDF to create DPFs for court filings.
  • I use Kofax Power PDF to create signed documents for distribution via email.
  • I use Kofax Power PDF to convert PDFs to Word files.
  • I use Kofax Power PDF to convert image only PDFs to searchable text for ease of future reference to those documents.
  • I use Kofax Power PDF to create fillable forms.
  • I hope to show our Human Resources Department the value of purchasing the program for their use while taking advantage of significant cost savings over other PDF programs.
When I took my current position just over a year ago, this is the only program I asked my new employer to purchase for my use due to the time savings and resources that Kofax Power PDF provides in my practice. A year later, I have not asked for any other "specialty" software for my practice. I also have a second copy that I purchased for myself for use at home. I can't imagine working without it.

Using Kofax Power PDF

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Making text searchable in a PDF.
  • Converting a PDF to Word.
  • Editing a PDF.
  • Creating a fillable Form.
  • Changing Security Settings to provide some level of password protected security.
  • Creating signature stamps.
  • None that I have come across in several years of using Kofax Power PDF Advanced.
I have rarely, if ever, had to search the help file or read up on features to make them work. The features I use are fairly intuitive and quickly mastered. Kofax also provides a YouTube Channel with training videos that have been helpful on occasion. Mastery of frequently used features was simple.