Flexible servers for a hobbyist developer that wants to try all the new things (on the cheap)!
March 17, 2021

Flexible servers for a hobbyist developer that wants to try all the new things (on the cheap)!

Matt Hackmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

I use Linode to host multiple websites and microservices used by those websites. It's given me the flexibility to easily change how my software is architected as those websites continue to evolve and scale, going from a monolithic app LAMP stack, to one that's gone to a multi-server microservices based architecture. But, at the same time, I can still host multiple other basic websites as I see fit and stand up new ones with ease.
  • Ultimate flexibility my giving me a cloud connected Linux computer.
  • Very simple to stand up new services (nodes, balancers, DNS, etc.).
  • Insanely good documentation for a variety of things that extends even beyond doing things on Linode.
  • Fremont is definitely more stable than it had been, but still has its blips.
  • Admin integration with letsencrypt SSL for balancers would be awesome.
  • As far as I'm aware, you still can't run geotargeted balancers across different server domains (I can't make a Linode CDN).
  • The pricing for data transfer on my Linodes has saved me an insane amount of money over what I'd be charged for the same amounts in AWS/Azure.
I haven't needed to actually contact Linode support, but they're always very communicative about things such as upcoming maintenance or outage situations.
As mentioned before, the amount of data transfer that comes with Linodes way outpaces the competitors for the price. I've specifically designed my software to maximize on that to great success, bring AWS costs down by double digit percentages.
The Fremont data center that I run out of has had some issues in the past, but has been very stable the last several years. Planned outages for maintenance have been somewhat frequent (usually once or twice a year), but they're always communicated with plenty of advance warning and multiple nodes have never been down at the same time.
Linode has given me a decade of great services as I've grown my little hobbyist website into several websites of varying complexity. And they're somehow still priced very competitively to the bigs like AWS and Azure, especially with regards to data transfer. If you have a small to medium sized need for vanilla servers connected to the internet by a company that'll manage the hardware stuff, you really can't go wrong with Linode.