Majestic SEO - Find all the links
April 22, 2014

Majestic SEO - Find all the links

Mackinley Levine | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I use Majestic SEO to determine our own site's back link profile from month to month. While I have trained other members of the content team on this this software, I am the software's primary user.

Majestic helps us determine the quality of our own back links and the quality of competitors' back links so that we can refine our link building strategy to improve our search engine rankings. It also helps us track down and deal with spammy links that are created unnaturally without our approval.
  • Majestic has a "fresh" and "historic" index, which is fantastic because it allows us to compare our historical back link profile to our extant back links. This provides us with some decent metrics for getting a rough idea of how our back link profile has improved over time.
  • Majestic's crawl is one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen. MOZ and SEMRush (both services we pay for) have a crawler that finds back links, but it turns up only a fraction of what Majestic does in a given month.
  • Majestic's reports provide really handy flags for discovered links (mention, alt text, rel="follow"/"nofollow", etc.) that allow me to make judgment calls about each link without having to look at the site code. The reports the software spits out don't need to be cleaned up much in Excel, either--they're set up pretty logically already. This allows me to sort and filter by the presence or absence of these flags so I don't have to look at things on such a granular level.
  • Majestic is extremely generous with running reports on our own domain. All you need to do is add a .txt file to your root directory, allow Majestic to discover it, and then back link reports on your own domain become free. Reports on competitors' domains cost credits.
  • Majestic is powerful, but not particularly intuitive out of the box. Fortunately, they provide free training over the phone (first come, first serve) and their customer service is wonderful.
  • Majestic lacks features often present in other SEO suites like MOZ and SEMRush (think keyword research tools), but their back link crawl is so comprehensive that the software is well worth the money.
  • It's a little bit on the pricey side.
  • Improved rankings in SERPs (Google & Bing).
  • A more refined vision of what our link building strategy should be.
  • A better understanding of how bloggers share our content.
  • SEMRush,MOZ
Majestic SEO lacks some of the features of SEMRush and MOZ, but these features are simply not what the software focuses on (or even claims to focus on). Majestic's all about the crawl--from what I've seen (and I've compared monthly crawl data provided by these other platforms to the crawl data provided by Majestic), Majestic SEO's crawl is the most comprehensive and the most regular. It also provides data that are marked up in a way that is extremely useful to SEOs, and it's easy to configure reports to give you only the data you want.
Once you've grown accustomed to the depth and accuracy of Majestic's crawl, it's hard to consider paying for anything else (or settling for free options). SEMRush and MOZ can get you somewhere, but in the right hands, a tool as powerful as Majestic can do a lot for a business's link building strategy.
Are you interested in discovering virtually EVERY back link your site has? This is the software you want to buy. If somebody is targeting you with a black hat campaign you want to combat, or if you're dying to figure out what a competitor is doing back link-wise (and want to divine their strategy on an extremely granular level), Majestic is the tool you want.