Major problem with email editor.
November 12, 2012

Major problem with email editor.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Great tool for providing fine-grained control and segmenting email marketing lists.
  • Excellent complex Boolean logic (if this and this, but not this).
  • Major problems with email editor. The tool is not sophisticated enough for our needs, so we use an external editor for composing emails / managing email templates etc. however, the Marketo editor is designed for people who do not work with a 3rd-party editor but do everything in the tool. It does not handle this external content well. Once it has been imported, it overwrites the text version with HTML code. There is a workaround for this, but it’s clunky.
  • Editor changes text size and adds spaces.
  • Does not handle tokens (personalized content) well – inserts %20 in place of tokens.
  • Editor is very slow.
  • The entire business depends on Marketo to function. It is the core system which powers the business.
• We are considering building a home-grown system. If we feel that we can build a custom system that will provide our customers with value-added features that are not available in packages systems, we may do so.
• One issue for us is that the system supports only a limited number of custom objects / user fields. This is something that was on the roadmap, but they have never delivered it.

Product Usage

5 - I am the main user with 2/3 other occasional users.
  • We have two instances: One main instance which is integrated with SFDC and another at a sister company that provides outbound marketing services for distributors. This latter instance is integrated with a home-grown contact management system. The entire business depends on Marketo to function. It is the core system which powers the business.
  • System is used to handle all outbound marking campaigns and lead management. Our sister company uses the system to provide the same services on behalf of distributors.

Evaluation and Selection

Constant Contact / Send Studio


• Very satisfied – deployment was easy. Biggest issue for us was integration with SF. Since the system is natively integrated with SFDC, once we entered a security key, Marketo knew how to get SFDC data fields automatically.


• Highly variable, inconsistent service. Depending on the complexity of the question, some tickets are ignored or – if they are answered – they don’t know the answer, or they only know part of the answer.
• Support staff do not seem well trained – sometimes we know more than them.
• They do not seem to understand when to escalate a ticket – instead of escalating, they just regurgitate standard answers that do not actually help very much.


• Pretty intuitive design: simple drag and drop metaphor is easy to use. UI can be a bit slow to respond, but is definitely intuitive.


• Generally, uptime is good.
Only real issue is that, as a SaaS provider, the system can be slow depending on what other clients are doing. Sending out email campaigns sometimes takes up to 5 hours which is too long.


  • SFDC
  • Home-grown contact management system.
Relatively simple integration. Sending lead data from Marekto into the appropriate SFDC record. This was a very easy integration to build.