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Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage (acquired by Adobe in 2018) is a marketing automation platform whose basic features include email marketing, drip nurturing, landing pages, and lead scoring, but other editions offer additional advanced features. Typical customers are B2B firms with complex sales…

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Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage (acquired by Adobe in 2018) is a marketing automation platform whose basic features include email marketing, drip nurturing, landing pages, and lead scoring, but other editions offer additional advanced features. Typical customers are B2B firms with complex sales…

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot's Marketing Hub is an all-in-one inbound marketing engine that includes tools for email marketing, landing page creation, social media marketing, content management, reporting & analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.


Yotpo, an eCommerce marketing platform, helps brands accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. The single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more. The vendor states that brands with Yotpo are empowered to create smarter, higher-…

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Porch Group Media

Porch Group Media (formerly the V12 Data Platform, or the Launchpad Marketing Cloud) is comprised of a collection of online and offline marketing solutions that is designed to manage existing customer relationships and identify new prospective customers by granting users access to…


Lob in San Francisco provides the building blocks for developers to automate offline correspondences. Enterprise companies use Lob’s suite of APIs to mail fully dynamic and personalized customer communications with print media. Lob also provides insight into deliverability with piece-…

SlapFive Customer Marketing Software

SlapFive in Boston offers what they describe as a Customer-Generated Content Machine software tool, which aims to make it simple for companies, and enjoyable for company clients, to capture their voice and inject it into all aspects of the business to win and retain more customers.…


Zinrelo is an advanced loyalty program software, designed to foster deep customer engagement and enhance customer retention. As a holistic loyalty program platform, it integrates multiple dimensions such as transactional, social, advocacy, engagement, behavioral, and emotional aspects.…


Roster creates software that helps convert a brands passionate customers into brand ambassadors to drive awareness on social media, boost marketing, and drive revenue. The vendor states customers are the most authentic source for promoting products and services to others, because…

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Marsello is a marketing solution for small and medium sized retailers, that helps them sell more in-store and online. Retailers can run targeted and timely marketing with data-driven automation, email, SMS, & loyalty programs and now, social media management. Capabilities encompass…

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Churnfree is a solution for reducing churn and retaining customers. It helps create customer retention flows and win back customers. Churnfree can be used to create custom retention flows to keep customers engaged and if they do ever slip away, Churnfree helps to win them back with…

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Peach is used to build an owned audience for a brand on WhatsApp. Users can send, manage, & engage their audiences via rich message formats like videos, images, or stories. In-built analytics help users understand the audience better with every message sent on WhatsApp.

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A solution to drive user engagement and increase retention. A customizable, no-code loyalty program software for automating rewards. Designed for B2C, FinTech, and SaaS companies with webhooks/API and integrations. LoyaltySurf rewards users when they take action.Customizable Rewards:…

TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud

TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud is a no-code loyalty toolkit built specifically to address the needs of retailers by enabling them to deliver engaging enterprise-grade loyalty experiences to their customers. The TRIFFT platform combines a loyalty engine, supporting all modern loyalty mechanics,…

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QuickFill subscription fulfillment software is used to fulfill subscriptions and provide services, memberships, and registrations, as well as to bill and renew them, provide customer service, and generate reports for accounting, marketing, and analysis. Whether QuickFill is used…

Patch Retention
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A tool to engage, reward, and retain customers. Patch (formerly CityGro) is used to bring eCommerce or brick and mortar store customers back using automated retention tools that help users to understand buyer behavior and bring people back.

Epicor Service CRM

A purpose-built solution that helps automotive shops build stronger, more profitable relationships with the service's customers. The solution enables shops to identify and re-engage with vehicle owners who haven’t visited the shop with their normal frequency and supports customer…

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Okendo is a customer marketing platform for Shopify brands, that helps brands build stronger customer relationships. Okendo gives brands insights into customer preferences and behaviors to drive customer advocacy, and deliver more personalized customer experiences. Okendo is also…

Hey Pongo
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Pongo, or Hey Pongo, is a customer loyalty software solution from the French company of the same name, that aims to help businesses erase all the frictions in the customer journey : no app to download, no loyalty card to carry, no registration form to fill in. With its touchscreen…

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AdScale is an ad platform built for ecommerce using AI to make advertising easier. It includes three layers of AI throughout the advertising journey:Audience targeting is made more accurate by using a store’s first-party data. AdScale can retarget past customers, and create lookalike…

Customer Lobby

Customer Lobby, by EverCommerce, helps businesses keeps customers coming back by figuring out which groups of customers, marketing channels, and types of messages will have the highest returns. The solution uses data and artificial intelligence to automate customer retention. Customer…

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Afleet helps users to build an organic marketing channel for a business by turning users into brand advocates. It helps companies to boost their social media reach, increase brand trust and grow website traffic through an existing customer base. Goals Increased customer retention…

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Base (formerly Crowdvocate) is a customer marketing platform designed to make customer engagement actionable, at scale, so the user can tap into customers as a growth engine.

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Cuvama is a Customer Value Management software platform from the company of the same name in London, a SaaS solution that helps B2B companies connect with customers at every stage of the customer value chain.

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Optimove is a retention automation platform designed to help marketers analyze and optimize campaigns with the goal of reducing churn.

UpOrder by Pantastic

Formerly known as Spently, UpOrder is a tool used to build meaningful customer relationships and drive new post-purchase sales with past-purchasers. Users can deliver fully branded and sales-optimized emails throughout the post-purchase journey and beyond.

Learn More About Customer Marketing Software

What is Customer Marketing Software?

Customer Marketing Software encompasses all the activities that businesses undertake when marketing to their existing customer base. This is referred to as customer-centric marketing. Customer marketing software suites incorporate a variety of tools and features that support marketing campaigns, marketing automation, customer loyalty programs, referral marketing, customer experience, customer engagement, and customer advocacy initiatives.

The software tracks customer interactions and provides insights into marketing campaigns. This helps identify which customers are the best candidates for targeted campaigns, products, and services. It delivers marketing and promotional information through preferred customer channels such as email, SMS, or social media. The software directs new or improved product samples to the most appropriate clients. It enables businesses to use their current customers as marketing assets. Automation features reduce time-consuming manual marketing tasks.

Marketing teams use the software to increase upselling, cross-selling and improve overall sales. The goal is to promote purchasing new or advanced products and services by existing customers. Due to its customer-centric focus, a customer marketing campaign is usually easier to implement and more affordable than a general marketing campaign.

Customer Marketing Software Features

Customer Marketing Software includes many of the following features.

  • Customer reference
  • Customer experience and engagement
  • Customer loyalty and recognition
  • Customer advocacy
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer content management and publishing
  • Performance analytics, customer insights, and audience segmentation
  • Automated workflow
  • Scalability
  • Integrations with CRM software and apps
  • Cloud, web-based, SaaS

Customer Marketing Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Customer Marketing Software.

Scope: Customer marketing software suites include features covering many aspects of customer marketing. Standalone products are available that focus on specific customer marketing sub-categories such as customer advocacy, marketing automation, and the customer experience. Some products are tailored to support eCommerce customer marketing.

Integrations: Customer marketing software features can overlap with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Evaluate how your selection will integrate with your existing CRM platform. Some vendor products offer ready integration with Salesforce apps.

Scalability: Some customer marketing software products will scale their features and pricing to accommodate businesses ranging from small startups to large-scale enterprises.

Pricing Information

Basic or introductory customer marketing software ranges between $19 and $59 a month. Most large-scale or enterprise businesses will need to obtain a vendor price quote. Those prices usually begin at around $3,000 a month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Customer Marketing Software do?

Customer Marketing Software uses a customer-centric approach to business marketing, focusing on a business’s current customer base. The software includes a variety of features such as marketing campaigns, customer experience, engagement and loyalty programs, customer advocacy, and marketing automation tools. Its analytics inform and optimize marketing campaigns and are used by marketers to target customers, promote new products, and upsell services.

What are the benefits of using Customer Marketing Software?

Customer Marketing Software is an effective way to increase sales and revenue. Selling to current and previous customers is easier and more efficient than comparable marketing efforts designed to identify prospects and obtain new customers. The software enhances the customer experience, boosts customer engagement, increases customer advocacy, reduces churn, builds brand loyalty, and improves customer retention.

What are the best Customer Marketing Software products?

How much does Customer Marketing Software cost?

Customer marketing software starts between $19 and $59 a month. Enterprise-scale products begin at $3,000 a month. Large-scale businesses will usually have to obtain a custom price quote.