Share your Point in the cloud
February 04, 2014

Share your Point in the cloud

Tom Krühlmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Microsoft Yammer is part of our portfolio of tools to enable Enterprise Social networking (ESN). This portfolio also includes blueKiwi, Jive, Socialcast as well as IBM Connections and Microsoft Sharepoint. We use the appropriate tools to various customers depending on business needs and requirements. Yammer is used widely as the collaboration-enabler in organisations often using existing Microsoft solutions including Sharepoint and office 365. We use it to enable zero email in some organizations or to compliment and enhance communication in others.
  • Group creation and management is extremely straightforward, enabling the fast buildup of your network
  • Document and content integration makes is easy to gather information and work around specific subjects.
  • Large existing client base and adoption makes it very fast to include your partners, customers and other externals; many are already available in Yammer
  • The well supported used of tags (subjects) makes organizing content fast
  • The dependency on email as means of notification engine makes the risk of information spamming clear and present
  • The SaaS only delivery model will keep some organizations away; they may require on-premise
  • ROI on social is very rarely measurable directly, so consider evaluating value on other areas instead
  • Employee productivity will most likely increase - following an initial drop during run-in - due to more efficient knowledge sharing
blueKiwi : yammer does well in terms of user experience, initial ram, up, but less so in total feature set
Jive: since Yammer is SaaS, some customers will be unable to use yammer
Sharepoint: although not a direct competitor, Microsofts own solution has some overlap on Yammer as well - no doubt that the combination of Sharepoint and Yammer has some very interesting strategic beacons.
The very attractive start-up pricing model (free!) is a real no-brainer if you want to get started on Social. Since you need nothing more than network access and a browser (or use the mobile app) you get get up and running the same day you decide for this. The tight integrations (to come) with Sharepoint and office will be hard to beat.
  1. Do you already use Microsoft solutions (sharepoint, O365)
  2. Will you require on-premise
  3. Do you partners / customers use Yammer
For a scenario where you require a very fast adoption and you want to get started quickly, Yammer is the obvious choice.
If you work in sensitive R&D, Security or financial services, you should be making informed decision as to the appropriate archirecture (SaaS or on-premise)