Expensive but highly effective.
January 21, 2013

Expensive but highly effective.

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  • Moovweb takes our existing website and makes it mobile ready. The primary benefits are that we only have to create the content once and it is translated to mobile.
  • Our site is about 700 pages and we enabled all of it and part of the portfolio. We sill have a large project ahead of us to include the entire portfolio. We optimized for phone and tablet and it was very straightforward to do.
  • Once in a while a page does not seem render properly. This has to do with visual presentation and could be our issue.
  • The implementation was 4 months from start to finish. Mobile is about 10% of our visits today and our mobile revenue for the first half is about $200K so we will have a payback in 1 -2 years.
  • Moovweb is not the most economical solution out there. It is one of the most comprehensive for sites needing all their content available for mobile.
While this is an amazing technology solution, we suspect more disruption in mobile and expect to have more choices in the next 12-18 months. while Moovweb works well, it is fairly expensive for an on-going solution for all time, so I
suspect there will be better ways of doing this in the future that are more
economical. For example, the content management system may one day do
this as a part of its standard function as that is the vision that content and
presentation be managed separately.
If you want to get into mobile quickly and learn rather than trying to predict then Moovweb can help you get there.