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Mobile App Development Tools

Best Mobile App Development Tools

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Mobile App Development Overview

What are Mobile App Development Tools?

Mobile app development tools include a wide variety of software for building, converting, and deploying cross-platform applications for mobile devices.

Businesses often create mobile applications for sale and for internal use. They may also port existing desktop applications to mobile devices. Due to differences in operating systems, hardware capabilities, and UX design, developing or porting a mobile application presents unique challenges. As a result, many developers have created tools and services designed to assist mobile application developers.

Mobile app development tools can include several different types of software. Low-code development platforms and integrated development environments (IDEs) help developers quickly design, prototype, and launch mobile applications. Conversion tools help developers create mobile-friendly versions of existing applications and websites. Other tools and libraries provide APIs for adding features such as messaging, file sharing, or mapping to mobile applications.

Mobile app development tools are designed to create cross-platform applications that function on different mobile operating systems. Many IDEs, development platforms, and deployment services are capable of creating multiple operating-system-specific builds from a single application. Other tools and libraries are either platform-agnostic or provide functions for multiple operating systems.

Product Types

Mobile app development tools may include the following types of software:

  • IDEs

  • Low-code and no-code development platforms

  • Mobile conversion/migration tools

  • Development libraries and SDKs

  • Content management systems

  • Collaboration tools

Pricing Information

Pricing for mobile app development tools varies greatly varies due to the broad scope of included products. Some mobile app development tools are open-source and free, and vendors often offer free trials or free versions of paid software.

Pricing for paid software can vary from under $13.00 monthly for minor services to over $12,000.00 monthly for an enterprise license of a major service.

Mobile App Development Products

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The OutSystems Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service solution for rapid delivery of responsive web and mobile applications. It includes functionalities required to develop, deploy, manage and change web and mobile applications. It is targeted at the delivery of enterprise applications that require ...


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Zeplin, from the company of the same name, is a platform supporting collaboration in application development by engineers and designers by providing an API with popular collaboration, development and prototyping tools and creating a space where productions can be shared and reviewed.

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WompMobile enables any website to be converted to a mobile-friendly format without the need to redesign or change the desktop site. It is a turn-key mobile development solution, meaning no IT involvement is required. This solution uses a proprietary JavaScript-adaptive platform. The vendor says t...

MicroStrategy Mobile enables users to bring analytics, transactions, mapping, multimedia, and business workflows to life in custom mobile apps, personalized for any industry or any role. Users can convert any information system or web application into a user-friendly, highly-performant native mob...

The Alpha platform is a unified mobile and web app development and deployment environment with distinct "no-code" and "low-code" components. The vendor says that using the Alpha TransForm no-code environment, business users and developers can take full advantage of all the capabilities of the s...

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Webix is a multi-widget JavaScript UI library for developing HTML5 and CSS3 compatible mobile and desktop web apps. It provides over 90 feature rich UI widgets for data management, visualization, uploading, building layouts and editing.Using these components you can build web apps that will run p...

Android Studio is an official Android development integrated development environment (IDE) for mobile application development in the Android operating system developed by Google. Android Studio is based on Jetbrains' IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

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SendBird is a completely packaged messaging-as-a-service that is designed to help developers build and manage messaging function in less than 5 minutes. SendBird says it strives to build the whole messaging SDK and backend from the scratch to help developers save time and resources in order to a...

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FormsFly allows for the creation of custom mobile apps for Android and iOS. It connects data via email, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and FTP. The solution also offers a full API to integrate with other systems. It also works offline, with sync via WiFi or data connection.

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Progress® Kinvey™ aims to enable established enterprises to rapidly deliver differentiated mobile, web and chat apps to customers and partners. You can develop and deploy apps on the serverless, full-stack javascript, platform similar to tech giants, but engineered for enterprises. The vendor say...