Parature Ticketing Solution - Feedback/Review
Updated December 18, 2014

Parature Ticketing Solution - Feedback/Review

Brendon Newell | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Parature

As a technician within a college's Information Technology Support Department, we used Parature to track the issues reported by our user-base (students/staff/faculty) in order to enhance the level of service we could provide. Building a knowledge base of our most common issues with Parature allowed for faster response times, quicker problem resolution, and the proliferation of knowledge among employees.
  • Clean/Friendly UI. It was extremely easy to navigate around Parature's menus at a high level, and you could take advantage of the more robust features as you became more comfortable and familiar with how Parature operates!
  • Strong Knowledge Base. Writing KB articles or ticket summaries and making use of the search function within Parature allows for expedient recovery of past ticket information. Being able to search for a fix action, or at least a troubleshooting article that can guide you towards a resolution is extremely valuable.
  • Enhanced Notation Capability. Being able to send/post internal or external updates to a ticket is great! You can leave the wordy technical details for other employees while making sure to communicate the high-points and fix action to the end-user.
  • Integration. After working for a different tech company, I have come to realize how robust Parature really is. This comes at the cost of being able to "play nice with others". While my current company's ticketing software plugs directly into a multitude of other .NET applications as an Add-in, Parature is cut from a different cloth and has to be run independently.
  • Learning Curve. As a flip-side to the "basic level" ease of use, Parature has some complex functionality to it! While a user can read through tech references and help menus all day, a more intuitive design would make it easier for things like "issue association/categorization" or "filter open tickets by -keyword- in the problem description".
  • Ticket templates. While it may be in the works (or has already been implemented in some fashion), Parature did not have a template feature when I was actively using it. It would severely cut down on the time it takes to make/fill out a ticket with basic information if I could click a button for "Account Lockout" issues or to "Create New User".
  • Increased Efficiency. Parature problem tracking options cut down on the amount of tickets that engineers would initiate for essentially the same issue.
  • Employee On-boarding Turnaround. Parature is a relatively easy ticketing system to grasp, which makes it priceless for bringing new employees up to speed. Every minute not spent in a classroom or training environment just learning how to use the system is an extra minute that an employee can be working with customers on live issues!
  • Ease of Access. Having the Parature Portal makes it extremely easy to log into the ticketing system from any workstation and gain access to all the tickets that i've been working on. I am not confined to a single desktop or session, so I can gain access to my work from just about anywhere!
Parature comes in at just the right blend between ticketing solutions like Ceridian and Remedy. Ceridian is a little too cut-down/simple while Remedy can be mired by its complexity. Parature shares the same features as quite a few other ticketing solutions, but hits strongly in the middle ground (ease of use, cost, customizability, etc.)
I would match my likelyhood of renewing the use of Parature to my produce review. While I am not currently in a position to request the use of this ticketing tool, I would continue to suggest it to others. If I were to start working for another company without a ticketing CRM, I would place Parature fairly high on my list of contenders!
Parature earns a "7" on my rating scale because it fits the bill for a ticketing solution. While it is not the most powerful utility I have come across, it is fairly user friendly and gets the job done. There is quite a bit of room for customizing the interface, but it comes with a learning curve. A score of "7" reflects what I would tell anyone who is looking for feedback on this application; it's better than a majority of the market share, but still has room to grow!