Ready to build your inbound revenue? Make Pipeliner CRM your pipeline manager.
April 17, 2015

Ready to build your inbound revenue? Make Pipeliner CRM your pipeline manager.

Randy Tucker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pipeliner CRM

As a reseller of the Pipeliner CRM product and others, I really appreciate the quality and user friendliness of Pipeliner. Our prospects and clients really enjoy the same as well as the new features of the 7.x release. Great strides forward.

Having that focal point to primarily the sales team enablement, it tends to be used in sales first. As we all understand when the sales team uses a software, it must be good. They don't struggle to use it, they enjoy and realize the benefits of using it.

If you are looking to grow your company, start with the sales team and give them a tool like Pipeliner CRM. Let them grow the revenue stream and you grow. Then implement a second or third or fourth or more pipelines to handle the order entry and delivery process. Then the quality control pipe and on and on. We enjoy showing and using the product with our clients.

  • Provides focus for a sales agents or sales managers - focus on the deal movement, don't allow bottlenecks to go un-noticed.
  • Provides relationship information including an org chart type diagram showing internal and external influencers.
  • Access to your sales funnels while without internet connectivity... ie. flying, etc.
  • Provides action statistics to allow process management and deal management visually.
  • After sale (to the users client) support mechanisms. Today those features are linked in foreign applications.
  • Currently linked in Quote applications like QuoteRoller. Those are good but a sales system would be best with a tightly integrated or full package ability such as QuoteWerks. I believe QuoteWerks is being worked on now.
  • As a VisualCRM tool, our clients sales teams seem to accelerate their deal closes.
  • The visual tools allow those "no good deals" to be spotted and resource usage limited.
  • A great tool to manage those "pipelines" within the company. A pipe is really a series of actions that constitute a planned result.
We have been in the CRM space for a number of years. We represent and implement on-premise and Saas products regularly. Pipeliner CRM is one of those that provides a powerful set of tools for the sales team from agents to management to C-Team. It is the ONLY tool in our kit that focuses totally on building sales successes for organizations.
Pipeliner is as good entry into new accounts because, using Pipeliner, we build our clients revenue stream that builds trust and desire for more quality services from TeamAutomation..
Pipeliner is really suited for a sales environment. It is not well suited for customer or product maintenance and support organizations.

Q1 - Are you planning on building up your sales revenue? Yes = Pipeliner, No = Other
Q2 - Do you have the need for individual customer support issues and tasks? Yes = other, No = Pipeliner.

As you can see, we really believe Pipeliner CRM is a lead management through operations delivery tool. The heart of building any company is really these centers. The surrounding or auxiliary functions in a company may need to augment the Pipeliner tool.

Pipeliner CRM Feature Ratings

Customer data management / contact management
Workflow management
Territory management
Opportunity management
Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail)
Interaction tracking
Channel / partner relationship management
Not Rated
Lead management
Email marketing
Task management
Pipeline visualization
Customizable reports
Custom fields
API for custom integration
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability
Not Rated
Social data
Social engagement
Marketing automation
Mobile access