Redis: Simple and Fast
March 21, 2019

Redis: Simple and Fast

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Overall Satisfaction with Redis

We use Redis for cache storage for data that we need to serve quickly. It is used across the whole organization. It has helped scale up our company and continue to server larger amounts of traffic. Getting data quickly is always a difficult challenge while growing your company, and Redis allows us to serve users quickly and efficiently.


  • Simplicity combined with power. The Redis API is very simple to use, but it also excels at handling large amounts of traffic.
  • Redis is scalable and can seamlessly scale outwards to store and retrieve larger amounts of data.
  • Redis has an incredibly strong community and tool suite. There is an ample amount of tutorials and connections, making it a great choice regardless of your tech stack.


  • It would be better if there were some more advanced tooling. It doesn't feel quite as robust as some data storage options.
  • It's unclear how much the core team is doing to advance the product. I'm not a hardcore follower, and there is little news about what is happening.
  • Sometimes things can feel a little too abstracted. I've used it for a long time, but rarely know what is happening underneath the hood.
  • Redis has helped us increase our throughput and server data to a growing amount of traffic while keeping our app fast. We couldn't have grown without the ability to easily cache data that Redis provides.
  • Redis has helped us decrease the load on our database. By being able to scale up and cache important data, we reduce the load on our database reducing costs and infra issues.
  • Running a Redis node on something like AWS can be costly, but it is often a requirement for scaling a company. If you need data quickly and your business is already a positive ROI, Redis is worth the investment.
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Redis is known as the best in-memory data storage technology. We have used it and understand deeply its benefits. It provides the speed and scalability that we need, and we have not been disappointed in any way. There is no doubt that Redis is an incredible technology that's essential for scaling a startup to a large business.
The main competitor to Redis is Memcached. While I haven't used Memcached as much, I do know that it has been regarded as an inferior product to Redis. I have read that it does not have the ability to scale and work with the simplicity that Redis provides. However, I can not speak to the performance of Memcached relative to Redis.
Redis is well suited for any startup or larger company that wants to cache data and scale it out seamlessly. Cacheing is needed when you have data that is frequently accessed or when your queries are expensive. Redis allows you to store objects in memory making it fast and efficient to access them and server the data to large amounts of users without clogging up your server.

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