Keep up with technology and take your accounting to the cloud with Sage One Accounting
Updated March 16, 2016

Keep up with technology and take your accounting to the cloud with Sage One Accounting

Debrah Burleigh CPB | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Software Version

Sage One Accounting Standard

Modules Used

  • Sales - easy to use and professional looking results
  • Expenses - easy to track outputs to track financial position
  • Banking - links quickly to your financial institution bringing in your transaction details
  • Projects - vital to track your jobs and measure profits
  • Tasks - great way to assign jobs to your team and track the results and know where the job is at
  • Reports - necessary to stay on top of your financial position in order to make business decisions
  • Contacts - have all your contacts in one location

Overall Satisfaction with Sage One Accounting

At Debrah Burleigh Accounting, my team is using Sage One in two ways. First some of my customers are using the invoicing aspect of the program to stay on top of their receivables and issue their own professional invoices. We import their information in to the Sage 50 where we do the rest of their bookkeeping for them. Secondly other customers are utilizing the full accounting software so they can better manage their finances and stay on top of their business rather than keeping receipts in a shoe box until year end. Whatever your business needs are it is an amazing program that my customers absolutely love and so do I it is easy to use and navigate through and easy for me to train my customers on.
  • The ability to log in to your accounting data anywhere you have internet. No sending backups to your accountant, no more trying to recover lost data, or having to log in to a server. This cloud hosted solution gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility as I can log in to it from any computer, or mobile device.
  • The ability to send professional invoices or quotes to my customers while still at their location. Also the ability to easily track my receivables and stay on top of them as they are always right at my fingertips.
  • Project tracking is a great feature. With this module you can send tasks associated with a project to your team without giving them access to your financial information. They can report to you where they are at on the project to help you stay on track. You can track the revenue and expenses associated with this project to make sure you are making a profit.
  • Bank integration brings in all the transactions and easily lets you allocate to the appropriate revenue and expense account or match to sales invoices or purchase invoices saving you time in data entry.
  • Sage One integrates with Sage Payment solutions or Paypal. By giving your customers more options to pay helping you stay on top of your receivables.
  • I love how it imports into the Sage 50 Accounting software for those customers who still need the features and functionality of the desktop software.
  • Just released the integration between Sage 50 and Sage One just got easier. The previous versions of Sage One and Sage 50 had the ability to download customer transactions from Sage One including invoicing, other income, bills, expenses, bank transfers and general journal entries to your Sage 50 accounting software.
  • With the latest update for Sage 50 you can now automatically upload and map your Sage 50 customer records, vendors, accounts, inventory items, and tax codes to Sage One for a quick, easy setup and perfect record match every time. This makes things so much easier when setting up new customers in Sage One
  • Now that important client information flows both ways, you can set up a new client in Sage One in minutes by accessing your Sage One connection wizard (under “file tab” in Sage 50 Accountants Edition) For the customers, vendors and accounts and products and services.
  • The other information such as Sales invoices and other income, Bills and other expenses, Bank Transfers, general journal entries flow from Sage One to Sage 50.
  • It is currently missing the payroll module to make it complete but is on the road map and should be released soon. I am anxiously awaiting this release as it would make this accounting program complete.
  • It will allow you to use products and services when invoicing but doesn't yet allow you to track quantity for your inventory but I believe that is also on the road map or you can always import your transactions in to Sage 50 where it will track your inventory for you.
  • I find my customers are always looking to me for the newest, latest and greatest products and technology that are available to help them be for efficient and keep up with their customers demands and they were happy when I was able to bring them Sage One, a cloud hosted solution. I find everyone is on the go these days and it is so much easier having a cloud hosted accounting software to be able to access our data anytime you need.
  • Some benefits that I have noticed since using Sage One is better customer service, I am able to access my customer's data and give them the advice they need anytime, they don't have to wait until I get back to the office for answers that they need.
  • It has also increased our efficiency by having the customer do their own sales invoicing and then we import the information in to the Sage 50 software for some of the customers saving us the time on duplicating the work of re-entering their sales invoices.
  • I have tried some of the other cloud accounting programs but I will not list names as I do not believe in bad mouthing the competition to make a particular product look better
I just find compared to others that Sage One Accounting is definitely easier to navigate through and easier to understand and use when accounting or bookkeeping isn't your area of expertise. I have trained several people on the program now that have absolutely no accounting back ground and they are loving the program and their businesses are flourishing.
The software is suited to many small business owners who want to track their sales and expenses in one location rather than having an invoicing program and tracking expenses on paper or Excel or not at all. This has so many easy to use features thus making a terrifying job for some so easy and seamless.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Feature Ratings

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Cash management
Bank reconciliation
Expense management
Time tracking
Regulations compliance
Self-service portal
Credit card processing
Standard reports
Single sign-on capability

Evaluating Sage One Accounting and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
I already dealt with another Sage products, Sage 50 and I have always loved how user friendly it was, as well as the great features it has to stay on top of my customers and my finances and the amazing support I always received. So I was very excited when I heard they had a new cloud hosted product coming out and made sure to sign up right away for the new product. I am so glad I did it has made things so much easier for me and my customers in saving both of us a lot of time.
No not at all. I have been very happy with Sage One and yes I have experience the odd hiccup along the way like with all other programs but what I loved the most was how quickly Sage was there to help and support me with whatever issue I was experiencing at the time. I also like how they are always asking what they can do to improve their product and how they actually listen and let us know what will be coming out to make the accounting system even better.

Sage One Accounting Training

I find the online training was very informative and they answered all my questions. I am also certified in Sage One and provided online training in the program which I have set up several people on and they love how it keeps them organized.

Sage One Accounting Support

They are always there no matter how big or small my issue may be to support me and my customers to come up with a solution. The staff is always there by chat or phone and even remote support to solve any issues. I have noticed that Sage is always training there staff keeping the up to date on all the new releases so they are better able to support us.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Not Available - For the Sage One Accounting Standard the support is Premium support at no charge. The staff is amazing at assisting you and your customers in using the Sage One product with whatever you need. There is also a chat option available on the Sage One in the program so if you have a question or an issue you click on the icon and let them know. The response is usually less than 5 minutes. They will try to assist yo by chat and if necessary will call you up and walk you through the solution.
Yes - Yes the Sage staff was great this was back when the product was new and I was having an issue. Sage assigned two people to work with me within 12 hours on me discovering the issue and we worked together until the issue was resolved. They also made sure to follow up with me to ensure the issue was actually resolved and made sure things were now working smoothly.
Yes as I explain in the previous section I received what I thought to be exceptional support when Sage provided two of their staff to assist me when I was having an upload issue in the beginning when the software was still new. I find the staff to always be so helpful and accommodating and go out of their way to ensure you are happy with the product. I also like how they are always asking for ways they can improve their product or service not to many companies remember to do that.

Using Sage One Accounting

I love the convenience of Sage One as I can access it anywhere I have internet. I also love how user friendly it is, my customers who do not have any kind of accounting or bookkeeping background are able to quickly learn systems and procedures that I help set up for them to stay on top of their finances to work towards having a successful business. It has so many features to help make things easy for you to keep track of your finances allowing you more time to work on your business.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The new customer integration with the latest Sage 50 release, you can now automatically upload your Sage 50 Accounting customer records so if you are switching to Sage One or utilizing both software this makes things a lot faster and easier.
  • The same goes for new vendors integration with the latest Sage 50 release, you can now automatically upload your Sage 50 Accounting vendors records so if you are switching to Sage One or utilizing both software this makes things a lot faster and easier.
  • With the new update the chart of accounts, inventory items, and tax codes from your Sage 50 Accounting you can now automatically upload and map to Sage One for a quick, easy setup and perfect record match every time.
  • The bank account set up and upload is very easy to do with step by step instruction to follow.
  • Once your bank account is set up it is very easy to upload and match the transactions with customer or vendor paid invoices or to just expense each transaction at that time.
  • Using and setting up the accepting credit card feature in the software is easy to do. I have found the rates to be very competitive if you would like to accept credit cards from your customers. I like this feature as when I send an invoice out it will include a pay icon for the customers convenience to click and pay their invoice right away.
  • Uploading transaction from Sage One to Sage 50 if you are utilizing both Software programs like I do they have made this very fast and easy saving a lot of time and energy in reentering transactions. For example if your customer does their own sales invoicing it is nice to be able to upload them rather than reenter the information.
  • Setting up your invoice layout is very easy and has a few choices to choose from and you can add your logo quickly and easily.
  • Inventory tracking is not yet available so this would be a challenge for some customers if this is a must in your company
  • Payroll will be out shortly but right now if you have payroll you have to look at manual calculations of the deductions
  • Other than that I find it very user friendly and easy to train my customers on.
Yes - Being a cloud hosted solution you can access your Sage One Accounting on your smart phone, or tablet making it convenient when out meeting with your customers. I encourage my customers to use this when meeting with customers to check on the receivables to make sure they are staying on top of them and not letting customers get in arrears. Also I encourage them to generate the quote or sales invoice while with the customer or right after the meeting with the customers so that they do not pile up at the end of the day and you are working late sending out all of these quotes and or invoices.

Sage One Accounting Reliability

The product continues to improve and very excited about the new release coming soon.