SolarWinds IPAM: Plug and play network management!
August 31, 2020

SolarWinds IPAM: Plug and play network management!

James Kanora | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM)

We currently use SolarWinds IPAM to track used address space across a large global network that includes multiple data centers, many remote office sites, and a major cloud provider. We initiated a company-wide network a year ago and included expanding and re-IP'ing at most locations.

Our Systems and Network groups are the primary consumers of this tool, however, it has proved useful to other teams including our desktop and helpdesk users. For us, this tool gives us instant visibility into every subnet we use. Setup is point and click; 50+ DHCP/DNS servers and can be added in a few minutes. Summaries, Top charts, issues, and more are all instantly accessible. It also points out DNS record mismatches, IP conflicts, and other pertinent events from those servers allowing us to spot and resolve problems we did not know existed. This tool makes it easy to proactively fix problems!

The IP reservation feature can be used to eliminate spreadsheet based tracking easily. SolarWinds is aware of what is using every address in near real-time. That makes a lot more sense than a tracking spreadsheet!

  • Tracks actual IP address subnetting use in real time
  • Correlates DNS with DHCP in effective views and charts
  • Spots issues with IP Conflicts and DNS mismatches
  • Identifies devices not managed by SolarWinds by MAC vendor
  • Provides a workflow for IP assignment for non DHCP scopes
  • More configuration options for workflow options for IP assignment would be great.
  • Customizable forms for IP management workflow would be a huge plus.
  • A DHCP Server management feature similar to the Network config management would be awesome.
  • IPAM has saved countless hours of running scripts and gathering data to compile reports to plan re-subnetting globally.
  • IPAM has reduced helpdesk incidents by immediately spotting bad DNSR and IP conflicts.
  • IPAM has helped eliminate blocks on projects whereas there is not currently enough address space requiring major changes to accommodate more IP'ed servers, gear, etc.
SolarWinds is easier to configure than every other tool I have used including Infoblox. If you already use SolarWinds for monitoring IPAM, it can be bolted on and set up in minutes. Alerts are pre-configured and there are existing "canned" reports. I have yet to meet an IT user who has to either read the manual or take a training course to use it. It is simple, straightforward, and completely intuitive assuming you know what an IP address and subnet are.
Managing a large and sprawling network with many subnets is almost effortless with this tool. Proactively solving issues with DHCP and DNS--Solawinds has both the information needed and the built-in alerts to fix issues before end-users report problems. Tracking and reporting out on IP address space usage, everywhere for everything. This tool has made completely renumbering every network at multiple organizations a far simpler process.