Toad: the best IDE for database developers
January 10, 2019

Toad: the best IDE for database developers

Dhruba Jyoti Nag | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Toad for Oracle

Toad for Oracle is used by all developers across my organizations. It is stable IDE for database developers and few DBAs in our organization can think of doing development in Oracle database without having Toad installed. It is mainly used by solution developers who design queries and test their performance using the explain plan module.
  • The UI of Toad has not changed much from the earlier versions and thus developers can focus on what they do instead of having to pay attention to the many redundant features which seem to come up every year.
  • Designing a query in toad is a breeze. It also helps while taking data dumps.
  • Performance analysis module of toad is also very robust providing graphic analysis of queries.
  • Toad is very reliable.
  • The full enterprise features come at a cost. Dell should think about how this wonderful solution can be made more viable for small companies.
  • Toad is not a very big player for non-RDMS DB clients.
  • All newer linguistics are not recognized by Toad.
  • Quick and easy query development helps reduce man-hours in a project which converts to real dollars.
  • Query analysis and tuning result in low database overhead and low latency, thus translating into real dollars because a system can thus handle more requests from customers.
  • Ease of use makes it easy to deploy greenhorns in projects with minimal training, thus helping save money. Otherwise menial and simple jobs would have required experienced DBAs.
  • Notepad++
Many other products can be used for query development like sql workbench, squirrel sql or even the good old notepad++ in sql mode. But toad being an enterprise product , specially the toad for oracle is very fast and does not have many bugs unlike other ides which tend to crash under heavy workload. This makes it a go to ide for database developers.
For a person who has newly been introduced to an RDMS database, Toad reduces the learning curve a lot by providing a very user-friendly UI on top of an Oracle database. The explain plan feature of Toad also helps a lot when it comes to optimizing queries. For someone who is not comfortable logging in to a box and taking data dumps, they can easily do so with the Toad user interface.

Toad Database Developer Tools Feature Ratings

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