My Vembu BDR Suite Review
Updated December 17, 2021

My Vembu BDR Suite Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Vembu BDR Suite

The restore via CD is a sticking point. Most systems no longer have optical media. Bootable USB is a must. The interface has improved with new releases. Backups are easy to set up. Reporting is good.
We use Vembu BDR Suite to backup physical servers, HyperV VMs, and workstation in a combination of the full image and file backups. We also install and manage Vembu for a number of our clients. It is a comprehensive package but has a bit of a learning curve to understand and use. A key element is the ability to boot and image backup as a VM for disaster recovery and to add a level of ransomware recovery. Recovery of individual files is fairly simple but would like to have the facility at the client level so users could restore files from backup without IT intervention. The granular recovery of SQL data is essential and supported. Vembu offers a free version that allows potential users to become familiar with the product before opting for the paid features. During the trial period, all features are available. For many small businesses and Sole Proprietors, the Free version was sufficient but now has a limitation of 10 endpoint backups which has reduced the enthusiasm. One issue we have is that the combination of Postgresql and Vembu components can make the server fragile to run in production.
  • VM and Physical machine backup - Boot as VM for DR recovery
  • Granular restore
  • Image backup client implementation now done from the server console. Do not have to go to the client workstation to run the installation.
  • DR backup to an off-site system
  • Recovery boot tool needs to be USB. At this time it requires a CD/DVD to be created. A clean bootable USB image file should be made available for download.
  • Access to all downloads from Vembu main download page. Should not have to install Vembu to gain access to client installers.
  • File backup fails if a file is in use such as Outlook.pst file. This is problematic for users that have Outlook permanently open. Backup reports show as failed, partial. This is essential to address as we have to do full image backups at a cost to backup storage space when it is not essential.
  • As an IT integrator, we need products that offer a recurring income to build a viable revenue stream. Vembu only offers a commission on the initial purchase of a subscription. Subsequent renewals do no qualify. This factor means that we are not incentivized to really recommend Vembu when other equally good backup solutions are available with long term commission plans.
  • Positive to meet DR requirements
  • Better insurance rates if DR issues are met
The most important factors for us are disaster recovery and a guarantee that backups are recoverable. Test restores and sandboxing are essential.
Recurring margin income for IT Service providers is essential and the current Vembu model fails to address the requirement. Being able to build up an increasing recurring revenue stream allows for better support and technical skill to be available to support the product.
Only have experience with VM and physical.
Altaro - Only VM backups, not physical. We use it in conjunction with Vembu. Veeam - Too expensive and bad reports about managing licenses on the forums.
Nakivo used in conjunction with Vembu. An excellent product and well priced. Nakivo has a full set of features for Physical and VM backups but Vembu is better at granular backup and restore options..

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NAKIVO Backup & Replication, Altaro
Vembu suits DR requirements but needs constant monitoring and management. Linux-based clients will find the Linux implementation more difficult. A configured Linux VM appliance for download would be preferred.
Not suited to small business without experienced IT support. A small business will often use a Win 10 workstation to run the backups as Windows server can be out of the budget. This configuration has issues with drive limitations Vembu tends to be more problematic.

BDRSuite Feature Ratings

Universal recovery
Instant recovery
Recovery verification
Multiple backup destinations
Incremental backup identification
Deduplication and file compression
Flexible deployment
Management dashboard
Platform support
Retention options

Using Vembu BDR Suite

2 - Question is unclear. 2 users manage Vembu. All users are backed up with Vembu.
2 - General IT skills are all that is needed.
  • Regular backup of key database systems
  • Daily user data or images backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Domain controller backups
Will probably renew but considering alternatives.

Evaluating Vembu BDR Suite and Competitors

Yes - Altaro and Windows Backup.
Limitations with Altaro and unreliability of built in Windows Backup. We needed an application that backed up physical servers, VM's on Hyper-V and Windows workstations.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Product usability and stability. Had to be sure that recovery was always feasible and fast.
Would expand to more products but evaluation would remain the same.

Vembu BDR Suite Support

Most support issues have been resolved.
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Difficult to get immediate help
No. Expensive in our currency
No. All support has been normal

Using Vembu BDR Suite

Technical support not required
Well integrated
Unnecessarily complex
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Setting up file backups is easy
  • Image backups of client devices can be cumbersome
  • The forced reboot when loading the agent is an issue
  • The web interface is slow to use and on a low resolution remote session part of the screen is hidden.
  • The need to ensure the server license reports to Vembu is irritating.
  • Performance is an issue