VeriFone Point - Good for small VeriFone hardware deployments.
June 25, 2019

VeriFone Point - Good for small VeriFone hardware deployments.

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Overall Satisfaction with VeriFone Point

We use VeriFone Point to manage around 100 VeriFone credit card terminals used throughout our company. Our point of sale is distributed through multiple states at locations that are open most hours of the day. Based on our deployment size, it would make more sense for us to support our hardware directly, but VeriFone Point recommended based on each location's size—a small retailer with a few terminals would absolutely be better off with Point support.
  • Knowledge and experience: Point supports many businesses with many VeriFone terminals throughout the country. Therefore, they have much experience with the hardware.
  • Availability: When calling for support, it is rare to not get a response from a human. Some calls are answered after only minutes of hold time, others can take much longer, but a human is almost always available.
  • Bureaucracy: Since this is the payment industry and a very large company, they move slower than an iceberg with most projects, including ordering new terminals or adding new features.
  • Availability of project support: Aside hardware troubleshooting, it often feels very difficult to get help from Point support for things like opening a new location, adding a feature, or making other changes requiring any level of planning.
  • Inconsistent support staff: One issue may be handled very differently by different support staff. We often work with somebody for hours on one issue only to call back later and have the same issue solved in minutes by a different person.
  • No in house staffing: Since VeriFone Point handles our Verifone hardware support, we do not need to pay our own staff for advanced device management.
  • No in house support tools: We don't need to pay for costly support tools since VeriFone Point handles them on a case by case basis.
We started using VeriFone Point when we switched from software-based credit card processing to VeriFone payment software. With our previous software system, we had a similar experience with support to what we have experienced with VeriFone Point. Support for payment industry tools tends to be excessively pragmatic, to the point where they ignore symptom clues while having us power cycle hardware for the fifth time.
VeriFone Point definitely knows the VeriFone payment hardware and support tools. They work with many businesses using this hardware, so their remote management tools are thoroughly capable of handling this hardware. This allows them to meet the needs of a small deployment, maybe 20 terminals or fewer. We quickly found out that we would have been better off setting up our own tools and staff to support our deployment of VeriFone hardware. Based on the number of terminals we have in use, our geographical span, and hours of operation, we need to address issues more quickly and personally than VeriFone Point is able to. While they are responsive, their tier I support is pretty generic and mostly assists with power cycling.