Point of Sale181The Point of Sale (POS) is simply the place where a retail transaction takes place--it's the hardware and software used to physically accept payments and record transactions.Shopify1https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/8F/qW/UWLT3CZD62CU.JPEGSquare POS2https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/1h/QQ/RPXT2FSCITVV-180x180.JPEGWePay3https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Ek/0D/UTHIZEZ930EN.JPEGEpicor Eagle N Series4https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Nr/YB/J8H1HQWJUJGT-180x180.JPEGSellsy5https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Ha/J8/C57MKNQCQ78I-180x180.PNGToast6https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/nE/Fz/1PPZSA9VUC19-180x180.PNGSage Pay7https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/0S/qn/EL9CGCQPN00J-180x180.PNGFloristWare8https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/km/Vl/D9A4LXXTTE9R.PNGShopKeep9https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/7U/se/W6KGTTJKVV87.JPEGNetsuite SuiteCommerce10https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/H1/8a/H8T5DADEH7QT-180x180.PNGSiriusware Salespoint Solutions11https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/ZE/Aq/T2T1ZRNCL425-180x180.PNGPayPal Here12https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/1B/67/S21C9I2RIS42.JPEGMaitre'D13https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Eh/WX/H8TOTZ96O5JK.jpegMicroBiz14https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Pk/ea/BK7OPMWPFAHA.PNGSTORIS POS15https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/uQ/9R/CAFR4LZQ8ETD.PNGQuickBooksPOS16https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Ux/6E/9DBE4N6E02Z0-180x180.PNGChargent17https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/FB/yB/J0SIT9FFXWG6.PNGTouchBistro18https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/U7/iw/UG35PF6FD3NL.JPEGRevel iPad POS Systems19https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/GJ/wf/AFKSJKB0JSBP.pngAlexandria POS20https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/H7/5P/XLBO760IRAZG.jpegiVend Retail21https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/zt/3N/RODHWGIQO6E2.pngMicrosoft Dynamics RMS (Discontinued Product)22https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/tf/J4/RTX1AO2GSVNS-180x180.JPEGERPLY23https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Mm/eg/20T6DBQAJ6BA.PNGPixelPoint POS24https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/GM/HU/30Z24PWQXBRG.jpegAMS Point of Sale25https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/J5/MX/UC18KGDSXNQ0.png

Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale Systems

What are Point of Sale Systems?

The Point of Sale (POS) is the place where a retail transaction takes place: It's the hardware and software used to physically accept payments and record transactions.

POS software automates some of the events around the POS. Self-service variants automate the transaction entirely, doing away with the need for a human service staff member.

Cloud POS

Cloud POS can be accessed from a tablet or other device by service staff in the field or in a retail store. It can also sync with online purchases and accounts for better data collection and retention.

Other Features

In some cases, POS providers also provide integrated payment gateways for eCommerce features and/or payment processing services.

For small businesses, trends like mobile payments and mobile loyalty programs are especially relevant to product selection. For large businesses, the POS system will often be part of a larger retail management suite.

Pricing Information

Pricing covers both hardware and software. Entry level systems begin at around $500 for the hardware and a monthly subscription price for the software of about $50. High-end systems though might cost twice that much.

Point of Sale Products

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Top Rated
166 Ratings

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between. Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, and the Shopify POS application to power retail sales. Shopify is used by over 90,0...

Square POS

31 Ratings

Square POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android, and iPad along with the flexibility to accept credit card payments anywhere, from Square headquartered in San Francisco, California.


7 Ratings

WePay is a payment processing and mobile point-of-sale (mpos) software solution with features such as facilitating payments between buyers & sellers and instantly enabling users to accept donations. WePay was acquired by Chase in 2017.

Epicor Eagle N Series

11 Ratings

The Epicor Eagle N Series is Epicor's present comprehensive retail software system built around features such as multichannel sales, a point-of-sale system, and inventory and merchandising management.


6 Ratings

Sellsy is one integrated suite for sales management. Some key features include: CRM Pipelines, Invoicing, Time Tracking, HelpDesk, ERP, and POS.


5 Ratings

Toast is a restaurant management point-of-sale platform for tablets.


3 Ratings

FloristWare is a POS/CRM system for anyone in the business of selling flowers. It is designed to help retail florists increase sales and profits while saving time and money. The vendor says FloristWare is an "independent" system, meaning that it is not affiliated with any wire service and does no...


3 Ratings

ShopKeep is an iPad point of sale system; The vendor says it is intuitive, secure, affordable software that helps merchants run smarter businesses. The product optimizes staffing and inventory, while offering sales reports and customer information on a cloud-based platform. The product includes l...

Netsuite SuiteCommerce

10 Ratings

SuiteCommerce from Netsuite provides a flexible, open web store front-end solution enabling richly branded, highly personalized and engaging shopping experiences that will drive conversion and grow revenue. Built upon a modern, scalable and extendable HTML and JavaScript architecture, SuiteCommer...

Siriusware Salespoint Solutions

4 Ratings

Siriusware Salespoint Solutions is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as onsite ticketing and online ecommerce.

PayPal Here

7 Ratings

PayPal Here is a POS and payment processing system that includes either a mobile card reader or a chip reader (hardware), and is powered by the mobile PayPal Here app. Admins can add up to 1,000 users per account, and the app also includes invoicing, reporting, and inventory management features. ...


4 Ratings

MicroBiz is an eCommerce retail management solution butil around features such as inventory management, payment gateway, and purchase orders / receiving tracking.


3 Ratings

STORIS POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as furniture POS software and cloud-based ERP solutions.


7 Ratings

QuickBooksPOS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as ring up sales and inventory tracking.


2 Ratings

Chargent is a Salesforce app from AppFrontier LLC that providers payment processing functionality in Salesforce and provides a point of sale solution in an app; Chargent integrates with a number of popular payment gateways (e.g. Authorize.net, Stripe, etc.). Chargent can also be configured to man...


3 Ratings

TouchBistro is a complete mobile POS solution on the iPad for the restaurant industry.  It allows users to manage reservations, view the menu, take orders and review sales reports with a few simple touches. Instead of servers repeatedly moving between customers and terminals for order management,...

Alexandria POS

2 Ratings

Alexandria POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as easy to use interface and programming services.

iVend Retail

1 Ratings

iVend Retail is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as stock management with handheld devices and SMS integration.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Discontinued Product)

4 Ratings

Microsoft Dynamics RMS was a retail point of sale and RMS. Support for the product ended in 2016.


2 Ratings

ERPLY is a web-based point-of-sale and retail management solution, making it accessible anywhere and contains modules for every aspect of your retail establishment. With ERPLY, you can centralize your day-to-day operations in one, real time system.

PixelPoint POS

1 Ratings

PixelPoint POS is designed for use in restaurant concepts from quick service to table service. PixePoint POS is a software that adapts to your business rather than forcing you to change your processes.

AMS Point of Sale

6 Ratings

AMS Point of Sale is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as credit card processing and inventory management.