Valuable Improvement Suggestions
January 11, 2014

Valuable Improvement Suggestions

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Modules Used

  • Visible Intelligence

Overall Satisfaction

  • Searches are easy to setup, especially if you use the "guided" method versus "query" method.
  • Visible offers a variety of different graphs and charts to give a user clear visuals. Furthermore I love how you can click within charts to drill down into that specific information.
  • Filters! It's nice to have so many options when filtering. With past tools I've used they have have lacked this so I would have to set up several searches.
  • Time zones, I believe this is a new feature for Visible and it's been extremely useful for our clients who are based in a different time zone than our agency.
  • Firehose terms. I wish there was a place in setting or somewhere that let us know what firehose terms we currently have. To make it really great it would be nice for it to also show a history of what terms we had in the past with dates and the start dates of current firehose terms. I can't tell you how many times we've had to reach out to our rep to let us know what we currently have in place and when you have multiple users in the agency using the tool, it's near impossible to keep track of when changes were made.
  • Exports, I wish there was a way to have larger exports. And if you can't, an easier way to break down larger exports. For example, say my timeframe is only 1 day and I have over 20,000 results in that day– there is no way for me to export all of those results by breaking it down because my only options are most recent, most relevant, klout, most confident, most influential, most followers, positive, negative. There's no option to break down 1 day by the first 20,000 then the second 20,000 and so on. Instead I have to then manually break it down by media type and hope each one of those is less than 20,000.
  • Author influence, I know this algorithm is tricky but at the very least I think it could be better explained within the tool so when clients ask questions we can answer them. It could be nice to have some filtering options with this because several authors get a 99 score and it's not valuable information.
  • Tagging, when tagging content it is extremely annoying that I can't add new tags in the "select tags" drop down. It takes too much time to go in to where I can add new tags and then go back to where I was.
  • It'd also be nice to have setting for a stream where only a certain folder or folders of tags display. So when I'm in client x's search the only tags that display are client x's instead of all 5 clients and I have to keep scrolling through to find what I need.
  • Archive, when you hit archive on a post it does nothing. It stays in your search and ends up in all you charts which skews your data. What I do now is I created an actual tag called "archive" (because if I didn't tag it with that and I exported everything nothing in the excel doc tells me I hit Visible's archive button for that result) I export the search, I remove everything I tagged as "archive" in excel and then I manual make charts. When I hit Visible's "archive" button it should be completely removed and if I made a mistake and I want to un-archive it, there should be a section where I can go and see everything I archived and be able to un-archive it.
  • Visible has been great for consumer opinions. For example, it's told us when one of our client's commercials have offended a small group so we stopped running it. It's also been great for volume, one of our clients is Hostess Snacks so during all the strikes and shutdown we were monitoring the volume daily for overall mentions and more specifically union work's mentions.
  • Competitor review, Visible has been great for us to keep an eye on what our competitors are doing. One of the most valuable things we use it for is to see when our competitors work with bloggers and other paid influencers.
This isn't specific to Visible but this is what we look at when it comes to listening tools:

-Is it easy to use and navigate
-Volume (does it display 100% of volume)
-Number or seats
-Comparison to other tools
-Customer service
The only time I have trouble recommending Visible is to my clients of specific markets. We work with several McDonald's co-ops and we can't narrow our searches to a specific region for example, to the state of Iowa or Kansas City region.

Product Usage

6 - We have several analysts and strategist that use Visible
  • Volume
  • Competitor review
  • Customer sentiment
  • Planning– we've had planners go thought data for insight into customer's emotions and develop a campaign around a specific emotion


My rep is always helpful and is timely with my requests
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
Yes - I frequently have to email and ask why it's moving so slow and if a server is down
Becca, my rep is great with helping me setup difficult searches and helps me filter out noise


It's easy to user once you become familiar with it
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Setting up searches with guide. Query takes some learning
  • Creating charts
  • Exporting
  • Setting up complex searches where you need to filter out noise