Microsoft is an architectural dinosaur in the world computing
March 16, 2019

Microsoft is an architectural dinosaur in the world computing

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Overall Satisfaction with Windows Server

Windows server has turned into a dumpster fire of problems and miss configuration and security loopholes.

It’s like Microsoft hires people that can technically code but have zero ability to look at long-term impact of their decisions .
There’s so many problems with it constantly crashing or inability to handle massive amounts of data that it’s it’s just useless .

We got rid of windows server went over to a Linux server and an Oracle database and we haven’t had one crash in nine months.

Microsoft Windows NT was the last version of windows of any kind that was really stable I just can’t believe how buggy and leggy and just emotionally unstable the windows has become that it’s just unusable.

We were pumping terabytes per minute through the system and it just couldn’t handle data, now we pump that into the Oracle or the Linux and it’s just like no problem.
  • Windows has very good salesman
  • Windows has very good marketing teams
  • Stop making excuses for the inability to handle large data
  • Stop making excuses for how much your product is sucked in the past and fix the problems that it has now like crashing
  • Build the tools that I can use on our stable systems called Macintosh, build me a powerBI out that I can use on a Mac
  • I have lost hundreds of gigabytes of data because of their precious
  • I have lost hundreds of Files over a weekend because of blue screen crashes
  • Give up on architecture it doesn’t work for big data
Microsoft has gone from its pinnacle at Windows Microsoft has gone from its pinnacle at windows NT.

Microsoft is now the second string junior varsity league company that is struggling to catch up .

The server crashes it hangs it can’t handle large amounts of data it’s massively oversold and expensively useless for modern applications
Microsoft is well-suited for a small accounting office that has no mindset for growth.

Microsoft products do not belong in an organization that wants to grow or wants to keep its costs down.

Using Windows Server

On average it would crash every 29 days
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
Slow to learn
Feel nervous using
Lots to learn
  • The restart function
  • Opening and closing basic window applications
  • Long-term stability of database function
  • Long-term stability of operating system in full use
  • The longest time that the server stayed up was like 26 days
Yes, but I don't use it - The guys and girls tried to work on this for several days and it just isn’t stable with large amounts of data