Workbooks has done what we were looking for.
Updated April 08, 2015

Workbooks has done what we were looking for.

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Overall Satisfaction with Workbooks

I have worked with many CRM systems from a Sales perspective in various organizations (mostly media sales and publishing). The thing that stands out for me most working with Workbooks is the intuitive way with which it operates. Most of the people on my sales team are pretty tech savvy, and are used to working with CRM systems. We are however employing a team of administrative workers who are rather reluctant when embracing new technologies and change in general. I was truly amazed at how quickly they embraced working with Workbooks. The fact that it has a similarity with their Windows environment (start button at the bottom of the screen etc.) made the change that much easier. The fact that it is a cloud based service gave my sales team more freedom to operate and keep everyone informed on their progress even while away from the office. Because of this we have been able to quickly respond to developments in the field which has expanded our opportunities. The implementation of old data into workbooks went rather smoothly as well.

The general set up of Workbooks is also good. We worked with a local partner of Workbooks in the Netherlands, and they have helped us a great deal in respects to getting a clear view on what we needed etc.
  • Scalability of the service
  • Integration with Mailchimp and other solutions such as Google Agenda etc
  • The fact that it has a great dashboard was a big help to our sales team, as well as the ease with which reports can be produced on the fly as well as exporting reset data
  • Actually keeping tabs on the sales process per user is a great help for me to set targets or adjust course if needed
  • The simplicity and easewith which we can export PDF templates for offers, confirmation orders and invoices.
  • There really isn't all that much, what I would like to see is an app to use on iDevices. Our sales team all have iPads for presentations etc.
  • While Workbooks works rather well with HTML 5, I would still like to see an app. I know it's in the making, but haven't seen anything of this as of yet.
  • I am sure that would increase productivity even further (if it's of the same standard as the main environment).
  • It has greatly made our business more effective. For me the clearest sign of this is found in the off premise sales team being able to interact more accurately with the 'home base'.
  • Real time reporting has made my job a great deal easier in maintaining tabs of processes and progress made.
  • Less leads and potentials have fallen through the cracks of every day business. We work with many deadlines (publishing).
  • In the past the craziness of day to day deadlines would keep focus more on recurring clients where as now there is a clear assignment to who does what.
  • Making it clear when someone droppes the ball on generating new business, or with recurring business for that matter.
  • Because of this clear view on processes and the ease with which this data is accessible our lead conversion has increased greatly.
  • Our overall sales has increased 12% after implementing workbooks (over 18 months).
Sage CRM overall is a good product, but it's ease of use left something to be desired, especially with our administrative department that had little to no experience with CRM.
Another BIG PLUS of over Sage is the fact that it's somewhere between 50% to 30% cheaper! The fact that this is a cloud based solution was something we grew into as a company. Before we didn't have access to real time data, there would always be a production pause on data produced by our off premise sales team.
Workbooks offers great support, as do ( in our experience) local partners. It works really well for our sales and marketing departments. Workbooks is really effective in tracking our marketing campaigns. It also keeps tabs on existing clients, and gives insight on how quickly potentials are turned to customers.

As with all CRM it strongly depends on how well it is being maintained and used by the user. We have found that with the ease of use of Workbooks its become much less of an issue. Where as before we didn't only look at the data produced but actually had to keep track of the system being used accurately. We constantly needed to keep tabs on the actual level of maintaining.

The fact that we see data being produced organically (naturally being updated and tracked) to me is a testament of the user friendly nature of workbooks.

Using Workbooks

Because our overall business increased our hold on the processes expanded and our data gives us a clear view on or direction. It's everything we wanted for our business development. We have a clear view on our primary focus etc. People enjoy working with the system and new employees pick up on it's functionality quickly.

Workbooks Implementation

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