iMocha is a skills intelligence and assessment platform that enables talent teams to make smarter talent decisions. With the world’s largest skill assessment library for 2500+ skills, iMocha helps organizations to make intelligent talent decisions. Founded in 2015, by Amit D Mishra (Founder and CEO), and Sujit Karpe (Co-founder and CTO), iMocha’s platform is used by over 300 organizations in more than 70 countries. iMocha enables enterprises to acquire talent faster and in measuring the ROI from their talent development initiatives.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft described iMocha’s platform as a highly innovative skilling API that allows hiring managers to speed up the hiring process for open positions and skilling, leading to greater efficiency for the organizations. The value-driven organization operates on four core principles: Trust, Innovation, Customer-first, and Collaboration.

iMocha’s solution helps companies in 3 core areas:

Talent Acquisition – Lateral, University, Technical, Functional

Learning and Development - Calculating ROI for Learning Programs, HR & Talent Transformation, Upskilling, Reskilling

End to End Skill Lifecycle - Integrating with ATS, Job Boards, eLearning platforms etc

The intelligent skills intelligence and assessment platform offered by iMocha is used by IT/ITeS, Telecom, Banking, Financial and Insurance services, Engineering, and Healthcare firms. This platform enables candidates and existing employees to be assessed for technical and functional skills using the world’s largest skill library comprising 2500+ skills across over 300 job roles. The platform leverages patented technologies and includes innovative features such as asynchronous interviews, AI-LogicBox (AI-based pseudo-coding simulator), AI-powered language analyser, skill benchmarking, talent analytics, and custom assessment consulting etc.

iMocha’s insightful and smart solutions are making a mark in the enterprise and HR tech SaaS globally. The company has raised $14 million funding in their Series A round. Headquartered in Delaware, US, iMocha operates in India through a subsidiary named Tecknack Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Going forward, iMocha will empower HR leaders to build organisational skill meter powered by skill intelligence of every candidate and employee so they can make smarter talent decisions. With iMocha, organizations can build resilience and flexibility in their hiring and talent assessment processes to stay ahead of competition and be a leader in the skills driven economy.