Best Application Security Software22Application Security Software scan web applications for vulnerabilities, provide automated testing, locate and eliminate malware, and perform other tasks and services related to ensuring web applications perform correctly and reliably, without misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.GuardRails1 Crypto-of-Things2 Sciences3 Bolt5 Sentinel6 Micro Cloud App Security7 Risk Management Cloud8

Application Security Software

Best Application Security Software

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Application Security Software Overview

What is Application Security Software?

Application Security Software is designed to protect software applications from external threats throughout the entire application lifecycle. Enterprise applications sometimes contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by bad actors. The purpose of this category of software is to protect the many different kinds of application against data theft or other nefarious intent. These include legacy, desktop, cloud, and mobile apps used by both internal employees and also partners and customers. Modern application security solutions must cover the gamut of application types and provide security testing that is easy to use and deploy.

Application security can also be enhanced by creating a security profile for each application that identifies and prioritizes potential threats and documenting actions taken to counter malicious or unplanned events.


  • Source code analysis/scanning
  • Open source component monitoring
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Optimized vulnerability remediation
  • Integration with source code repositories, build management server, bug tracking tools and major IDEs
  • Training resources to sharpen developer security skills

Pricing Details

Pricing varies widely depending on whether the product is a cloud-based solution, cloud + professional services, or an on-premises tool. In general though, application security platforms price by the number of applications and enterprise platforms can be expensive. Entry level pricing is in the region of $40,000 per year.

Application Security Products

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GuardRails orchestrates open-source, and commercial security tools by integrating them into an existing development workflow. GuardRails curates each security rule of the security tools to keep the noise low and only report high-impact and relevant security issues.Installing and configuring security…

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Unbound CoT eliminates the single point of compromise by ensuring that sensitive keys that reside on untrusted and insecure devices never exist in the clear at any point in their lifecycle – not even when generated or while in use. With Unbound CoT, key material is never whole. Rather, each key exis…

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Signal Sciences, headquartered in Los Angeles, states that their WAF and RASP solution protects over 34,000 applications and over a trillion production requests per month. Signal Sciences’ architecture is designed to provide organizations working in a modern development environment with comprehensiv…

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ImmuniWeb® AI Platform illuminates the user's external attack surface and Dark Web exposure, designed to provide well-informed, risk-based and DevSecOps-enabled application penetration testing. - Reduced complexity and lower costs- Holistic visibility of your digital assets and risks- Risk-based an…

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WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub/Azure DevOps is a free app/extension, which scans projects and detects vulnerable open source components. Not only that, but it also provides actionable, validated remediation paths to enable quick resolution.WhiteSource Bolt includes support for over 200 programming lang…

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Sentinel, from WhiteHat Security headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is an application security and testing platform. Individual components provide software composition analysis, static code analysis, license checking and vulnerability scanning, and support for mobile application security test…

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AI-Driven Security, Audit, and Fraud Monitoring for Oracle ERP Cloud. Strengthen internal controls to enable a risk-aware culture and connect business results to risk. Oracle Risk Management Cloud offers a complete solution for Oracle ERP Cloud customers of all sizes. It monitors and prevents sus…