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13 Ratings
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Coinbase is great for its simplicity. It is no doubt the best entry level option for someone who is new to blockchain/ cryptocurrencies and wants to begin investing in it. However, while they do have relatively low transaction fees, they don't have the lowest fees. So for someone who is doing a high volume of trading, there are other platforms that would be a better fit.
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  • Great UI for managing crypto funds
  • Excellent mobile application for monitoring crypto values and sending/receiving crypto.
  • Good two-factor security practices to ensure bad actors are not illegitimately gaining access to your wallets and stealing your funds.
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  • Same complaint I have about any other coinbase competitor. Setting up an account takes too long (a few days). But it's understandable as it has to be a very high level of security
  • Higher transaction fees than other platforms for purchasing the same product. But because of Coinbase's simplicity relative to other platforms they are able to charge a bit of a premium here. You just need to know what you're getting into. If you're doing high volume, it's worth learning a GDAX or other platform. If you're buying and holding and don't have the time to research the lowest fees then Coinbase is great.
  • They're limited in the payment methods they accept. Not a huge deal, but they don't accept paypal.
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Alternatives Considered

Coinbase definitely provides the most impressive user experience of all the crypto-currency exchanges.Coinbase is one of only a few that US uses to buy crypto with fiat (USD) currency, making it on the short list of feasible platforms to use. However, Coinbase does lack options for utilizing non-mainstream (alt) crypto-currencies. I selected Coinbase because they are the most robust, complete feeling, user experience. Their security practices are top-notch, and they have insurance policies to cover their customers in the event of a compromise.
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Return on Investment

  • Not applicable
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