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Sabre Red Workspace

Sabre is great for serious travel agents who are willing to invest a significant amount of time into learning and mastering a system. It has excellent functions for an agent, such as the ability to find flight availability and pricing in real time, to be able to hold flights for up to 72 hours and to book with a secure, known system. The problem really comes with how agent-focused it is - it is VERY hard for a new user to learn and master Sabre and hard to read if you are not used to code.
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Sabre Red Workspace

  • Sabre is a classic system with no shiny, flashy interruptions or things made to confuse. It is very straightforward.
  • Sabre is keystroke based, so it is quick to make entries and search for flights.
  • Sabre works in real-time, allowing for current pricing and availability.
  • Sabre allows the ability to hold flights for a travel agent longer than what an average person searching for flights can.
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Sabre Red Workspace

  • Sabre does not have a well-working support system. Most calls require you to pay Sabre just for assistance within the system.
  • Sabre has a very large learning curve. It is very specific to itself - it is unlike other software and requires memorizing a lot of keystrokes.
  • Sabre is all in code and text-speak, so it is often difficult to understand.
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Return on Investment

Sabre Red Workspace

  • Overall for the business, it allows us to profit on international flights, where outside of Sabre we would not earn anything. We can earn percentages on certain international flights for booking or add commissions to base prices not posted elsewhere.
  • Sabre creates a barrier to entry for new agents and keeps agents from committing to the business.
  • Sabre gives base prices for agents that are significantly less than those found to a normal user, searching for a flight. This allows for sometimes very high added commissions (upwards of $500 per ticket) while also providing a lower cost to the customer, keeping them working with you in the future.
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Sabre Red Workspace


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