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Sabre Red Workspace

Sabre Red Workspace


What is Sabre Red Workspace?

Sabre Red Workspace, from Sabre Travel Network, is travel agent workspace management solution.

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Sabre Red Workspace is a versatile software that caters to the needs of travel agents, corporate travel departments, and individual …
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What is Sabre Red Workspace?

Sabre Red Workspace, from Sabre Travel Network, is travel agent workspace management solution.

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What is Sabre Red Workspace?

Sabre Red Workspace Technical Details

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Community Insights

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Sabre Red Workspace is a versatile software that caters to the needs of travel agents, corporate travel departments, and individual travelers. Users have praised its ability to quickly search and book flights, providing real-time availability and pricing information. With a user-friendly interface, agents can easily find the lowest prices for specific date sets, ensuring cost-effective bookings.

The software not only offers a smooth reservation process but also eliminates errors, providing a secure and reliable experience for users. In case any issues arise, the 24-hour support from Sabre Red Workspace Helpdesk is readily available to assist agents. Corporate travel departments appreciate the software's capability to handle larger group bookings and meetings efficiently.

Sabre Red Workspace seamlessly integrates with SAP Concur Travel and Expense accounts, empowering employees to book their own transient reservations online. Flight schedules can be conveniently viewed in one central location, making it effortless for users to find the most affordable ticket options. Additionally, hotel bookings are streamlined with all necessary information located in one place.

One notable advantage of Sabre Red Workspace highlighted by airlines is its user interface system's ability to reserve flight seats for longer periods compared to other systems. This feature benefits both agents and customers by allowing ample time to finalize arrangements without losing out on preferred seating options.

Overall, Sabre Red Workspace proves to be an invaluable tool for travel professionals and individuals alike, offering efficient flight searches, secure bookings, comprehensive travel management capabilities, and reliable customer support.

Efficient Interface: Reviewers have consistently praised the efficient keystroke-based interface of Sabre Red Workspace, allowing them to quickly navigate and perform tasks. Several users have expressed satisfaction with the system's ability to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.

Real-time Information: Many reviewers appreciate Sabre Red Workspace's real-time functionality, which provides up-to-date pricing and availability information. This feature has been described as advantageous for travel agents in finding the best fares for their clients. Users value being able to access current data at their fingertips.

Red Apps Suite: The suite of Red Apps offered by Sabre Red Workspace has received positive feedback from multiple reviewers. These customizable apps simplify workflows and cover various categories, including some that are available at no extra charge. Users find these apps valuable in enhancing their efficiency and optimizing their work processes.

Frustration with Support System: Some users have expressed frustration with the support system of Sabre Red Workspace, stating that it has not been working well and often requires payment for assistance.

Steep Learning Curve: The software has been described as having a steep learning curve, making it difficult for users to adapt. Users have complained that it is specific to itself and requires the memorization of numerous keystrokes.

Lack of Visual Elements and Click-Based Commands: Several users have expressed a desire for more visual elements and click-based commands in Sabre Red Workspace. They feel that the software's reliance on code and text-speak acts as a barrier to understanding and usability.

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Randeep Singh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's a great application for accessing and working on airlines' inventory to make and work on reservations. If at all we get stuck on any reservation. We have 24 hours support from Sabre Red Workspace Helpdesk. Right from making reservations, finding best fares and working on changes is super smooth and error free with Sabre Red Workspace.
  • Find best fares
  • Work Trust fully
  • Best in class command system
  • New Version of Sabre Red Workspace is comparatively Faster hopefully it will be faster with time
  • It would have more colours
  • More of click based commands
I have worked on Several Cases where in scope of errors resulting in Sabre Red Workspace is way more user friendly as compared to competitor applications like Amadeus. I.e. just hit Amadeus once mistakenly and it deletes the name. No such scope of command error in Sabre Red Workspace.
  • Most Reliable Application since it's error free
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Faster than other competitors' application available to use
  • Be an expert in no time
  • More results per search
  • Super- Easy-to-use
Error Free Functionality, More Availability and Much better in speed
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
With Sabre Red, I can view all of the flight schedules in a single location and quickly locate the most affordable ticket options. When booking a hotel, the process is quick and easy, and all of the necessary information is located in a single location. Availability and pricing are accurate because they are updated in real time. According to the airlines, their user interface system is able to hold flight seats for longer periods of time than other systems, which is beneficial.
  • The Sabre Red Workspace is always being updated so that it can keep up with the latest developments in technology. For instance, it is now downloadable on agents' iPads, allowing them the flexibility to perform their jobs from virtually any location. I can quickly determine the availability of hotels and flights with the assistance of Sabre Red.
  • Since Sabre is based on keystrokes, making entries in it is very quick.
  • Provides a collection of applications known as Red Apps, which is organized into a variety of helpful categories and can be used to personalize your experience.
  • The transition from Sabre Stars to Sabre Profiles, which was required of all agents, was a challenging one for seasoned professionals.
  • There is no guarantee that a hotel room will be available.
  • The program does not include all of the service providers that are available across the world.
If you want to keep all of your choices in the same location, this is an excellent choice to make.Sabre is an excellent choice for serious travel agents who are prepared to devote a substantial amount of time to learning and becoming proficient with a booking platform. It provides agents with excellent functions such as the ability to find flight availability and pricing in real time, the capacity to hold flights for up to 72 hours, and the capability to book with a secure and well-known system. The primary issue is that it is geared toward the needs of agents; as a result, it is EXTREMELY challenging for a new user to pick up and become proficient with Sabre.
  • The pre-written and modifiable scripts, as well as the middle and back office, of Sabre Red Workspace.
  • Sabre provides base prices for agents that are noticeably lower than the prices that are displayed to a typical user when that user searches for a flight. Because of this, it is possible to make added commissions that are sometimes very high (upwards of $800 per ticket).
  • If we didn't have Sabre, we wouldn't make any money off of international flights, but thanks to this technology, we are able to turn a profit on those trips. There are some international flights on which we are eligible to earn percentages.
  • Time savings of 8% per month in daily searches.
  • We have seen a reduction in errors thanks to Workspace's pre-written and customizable scripts, as well as its mid- and back-office quality control procedures.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sabre Red Workspace is a software used by the travel agents inside the entity. This allows each agent to search and book flights with real-time availability and to find the best matching price for all kinds of purposes such as leisure or business travel reservations. It helps to make fast research or analysis when finding the lowest price for a date set of a flight and to securely assure the bookings. <br>
  • Constantly growing and updating
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand for the users
  • Useful
  • Not a good support system
When looking for travel reservations such us hotels, flights or trips in general is very useful. In the end, for travelling purposes either for leisure or business
  • Organization of information
  • Quick solution
  • Data analysis
  • Good
Sabre Red Workspaces has been the only product I've used so far for this kind of purpose as I have an approach to it when I was doing the audits with Sabre.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sabre Red Workspace is the sole global distribution system that our organization uses to book all business travel reservations. While our corporate travel department uses it to book flights for attendees of larger groups and meetings, Sabre Red Workspace is also configured to our company's SAP Concur Travel and Expense account, an integration which allows all employees to book their own transient reservations online.
  • Sabre Red Workspace is constantly evolving to keep up with technology trends. For example, it is now available for agents to download on their iPads so that they can work from anywhere.
  • Sabre Red Workspace offers a suite called Red Apps which has many categories of useful apps that can customize your experience (some at no extra charge) and help simplify workflows.
  • Sabre Red Workspace provides a comprehensive library of every format or command that an agent could ever need to do his or her job.
  • Having to look up government hotel rates separately via Government Suite instead of seeing them listed with common availability result lists is not ideal.
  • The mandatory migration from Sabre Stars to Sabre Profiles was a difficult adjustment for seasoned agents like myself to get used to. Working with Stars was so much easier.
If your company has corporate discounts with preferred airlines and hotel chains, Sabre Red Workspace makes it really simple to manage those programs using snap codes and HIC tables and ensure that the appropriate savings are automatically applied to all applicable reservations.
  • Sabre Red Workspace's canned and customizable scripts and mid/back office QC routines that we have in place have reduced the amount of agent errors.
  • The number of debit memos our agency receives has not been completely eliminated, but it has significantly decreased.
In my 14 years of using Sabre Red Workspace, their software support desk has always offered top-notch customer service and professionalism. Their representatives are extremely knowledgeable, and there has never been a time where they weren't able to quickly and accurately resolve our issues or answer our questions when we called, and we have never been charged for their assistance.
Jennifer Dryer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sabre Red Workspace is being used by each individual travel agent within the company. We have about five agents within the company and each have the software. It allows each agent to search and book flights with real-time availability and pricing. It allows for quick searches, finding the lowest pricing for a date set for a flight, and for secure bookings.
  • Sabre is a classic system with no shiny, flashy interruptions or things made to confuse. It is very straightforward.
  • Sabre is keystroke based, so it is quick to make entries and search for flights.
  • Sabre works in real-time, allowing for current pricing and availability.
  • Sabre allows the ability to hold flights for a travel agent longer than what an average person searching for flights can.
  • Sabre does not have a well-working support system. Most calls require you to pay Sabre just for assistance within the system.
  • Sabre has a very large learning curve. It is very specific to itself - it is unlike other software and requires memorizing a lot of keystrokes.
  • Sabre is all in code and text-speak, so it is often difficult to understand.
Sabre is great for serious travel agents who are willing to invest a significant amount of time into learning and mastering a system. It has excellent functions for an agent, such as the ability to find flight availability and pricing in real time, to be able to hold flights for up to 72 hours and to book with a secure, known system. The problem really comes with how agent-focused it is - it is VERY hard for a new user to learn and master Sabre and hard to read if you are not used to code.
  • Overall for the business, it allows us to profit on international flights, where outside of Sabre we would not earn anything. We can earn percentages on certain international flights for booking or add commissions to base prices not posted elsewhere.
  • Sabre creates a barrier to entry for new agents and keeps agents from committing to the business.
  • Sabre gives base prices for agents that are significantly less than those found to a normal user, searching for a flight. This allows for sometimes very high added commissions (upwards of $500 per ticket) while also providing a lower cost to the customer, keeping them working with you in the future.
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