All of my passwords in the palm of my hand. Securely.
January 11, 2019

All of my passwords in the palm of my hand. Securely.

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Overall Satisfaction with 1Password

I originally began using 1Password when I ran my own business. In this day and age we all have countless logins across a myriad of sites, and at a time when security has never been more important (or more precarious), 1Password helps me keep separate, individual passwords for every single login I own.

I continue to use 1Password personally, and log into the app numerous times every day. I used to use a hard copy notebook, but that method made it too appealing to use simple or easy-to-remember (and easy to hack!) passwords and led to frequent failed logins when I mistyped them. 1Password has kept me more secure and saved me countless hours.
  • It's secure. 1Password makes no bones about the fact that its encryption is state-of-the-art (it has to be, right?). While my knowledge of encryption is entry-level at best, I do understand that 1) having a secure, encrypted master password file is key, and 2) this allows users to store unique passwords for every login, which means that even if hackers steal a password at one site, they can't use that same password to gain entry into all of your systems.
  • It syncs across devices, seamlessly. Whether I'm at home or at work, I can find every password in seconds.
  • It's a great place to store other information you need to keep secure: notes, software licenses, social security numbers of family members, etc.
  • 1Password uses Apple's FaceID feature quite well... now I don't even need to type in my master password when logging in on my phone. I just open the app and look at the screen and viola! I'm in.
  • 1Password's iOS and Chrome integrations are top-notch as well. Most of the time I don't even need to open the app -- I can just use the plugin on my browser, or iOS will suggest the password to use (again, with FaceID) for a website. Again, terrific time-savings.
  • 1Password's ability to generate strong passwords based on a formula may not be anything new, but it certainly is more helpful than trying to come up with one yourself. One click will suggest passwords that are extremely hard to break.
  • As you update or change passwords, occasionally 1Password will create duplicate entries for logins -- sometimes it will take me going through several entries for Google, for instance, before I find the correct one. I can delete the duplicates, of course, but this feels amateurish.
  • This is a minor point, but I have so many logins it takes quite a while to scroll and find the correct one, so when using 1Password on my phone, I like to use the letters on the side of the screen. However, these are quite small and even on my iPhone XR, I often wind up hitting the wrong letter.
  • When possible, I much prefer to purchase my software outright, rather than using a subscription model. With 1Password 7, it doesn't appear that there is an option to do that, so you're stuck paying an admittedly small amount each month, on an ongoing basis.
  • Time savings - I don't spend much (hardly any, actually) time looking up passwords anymore.
  • Security - A lack of it can be costly for any company, am I right?
  • Mobility - even when working from home, or at a coffee shop, my secure data is always in my pocket. This gives me the flexibility I need to do my job well, even when unforeseen circumstances like the kids getting sick take me away from my primary work environment.
1Password is the only password manager I have used. I know others such as LastPass also have received high ratings, but 1Password is one of those rare pieces of software where I have never felt the impulse or need to try anything different. It simply works, and it works well.
1Password is fantastic for keeping track of personal logins, as well as work logins. Far better than simply jotting down passwords in a notebook and stuffing it in the bottom drawer where you hope no one will notice it! I probably wouldn't trust it to store nuclear codes, but I feel plenty secure knowing that even if malicious parties steal data from a corporate data leak (as has happened to all of us over time), my other logins have not been compromised.