Analytic Agility with Aginity
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April 26, 2017

Analytic Agility with Aginity

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Overall Satisfaction with Aginity

Our business intelligence department all use Aginity to access our RedShift data. Our analyst team uses the tool to generate reports and run analysis on our data warehouse which lives in Amazon RedShift. Our business intelligence engineering team uses Aginity to perform some of the RedShift operational tasks and to validate data within the data warehouse.
  • Query auto-completion
  • Database exploration including schemas, tables, columns, distribution keys, sort keys, etc.
  • Common scenario query samples, and easy access to table DDL
  • Table size operational report
  • Free community edition
  • It would be helpful if the table size report could make it more obvious which tables need to be vacuumed. You can figure it out with the report, but can't just glance down a list.
  • Error message windows often auto close before you can read them leaving me hovering my finger over the print screen trying to capture them.
  • The auto-complete feature is a bit finicky. Many common scenarios which happen while writing a query by hand such as an unclosed parenthesis can cause the auto-complete not to trigger.
  • Since the tool is free it doesn't take much to get a positive ROI.
  • Since RedShift is a PostgreSQL derivative, tools designed for that DB can be used to access RedShift. However, it is much nicer to have a tool that is RedShift aware and understands the slight differences.
  • Query auto-completion makes writing queries much quicker and less error prone.
  • The database management features are a nice plus that many comparable tools for RedShift and other databases don't provide.
  • Toad for MySQL, PGAdmin, SQLyog and MySQL Workbench
Like all of the other various SQL querying tools that I have used, the Aginity Workbench for RedShift has a free community version. Although unlike many of the other tools that I have used, Aginity feels like a tool that I would be willing to pay for. It is feature rich and stable.
Aginity is well suited for writing ad-hoc queries and data analysis, having all of the features that data analysts come to expect in a database querying tool. Aginity is also great for basic operation and management allowing an engineer or DBA to store multiple databases and credentials, see how tables are distributed or sorted, and see table sizes and row counts. However, for more advanced database management another tool or the RedShift console is still required.