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Alteryx aims to be the launchpad for automation breakthroughs. Be it for personal growth, achieving transformative digital outcomes, or rapid innovation, Alteryx converges analytics, data science and process automation to enable users across organizations to make business-altering…

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Alteryx aims to be the launchpad for automation breakthroughs. Be it for personal growth, achieving transformative digital outcomes, or rapid innovation, Alteryx converges analytics, data science and process automation to enable users across organizations to make business-altering…


Klipfolio PowerMetrics is a metric-centric business intelligence platform. Data teams are able to bring all of their data together and create a catalog of verified metrics that end users are able to explore and visualize using self-serve dashboards and reports.


Coginiti (formerly Aginity), the collaborative intelligence company, empowers users to get consistent answers to any business question. The Collaborative Intelligence platform provides a unique workspace that empowers the entire organization to build, share and reuse analytics. By…

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Smartocto creates smart editorial analytics: analytical tools for newsrooms and content creators, to track and analyse the performance of the content they publish online. Its goal is to make data actionable, because content creators are not data analysts. They need data that's easy…

Azure Data Lake Analytics

Microsoft's Azure Data Lake Analytics is a BI service for processing big data jobs without consideration for infrastructure.

Active Query Builder

Active Query Builder is a component for business applications which helps users without any SQL experience to work with SQL queries and get data fast. Users can get a clear view of database schema and design SQL queries with natural point-and-click actions rather than tedious typing.…

Altair SLC

Altair SLC (formerly the WPS industrial analytics platform, acquired by Altair in late 2021) is designed for data science and heavyweight data processing with the languages of SAS and R. Best known for its SAS language compiler, the software includes advanced graphical user interfaces,…


Hashboard (formerly is lightweight, business intelligence tool for teams with a collaborative data culture. Hashboard unlocks insights for companies with exploration and flexible data discovery paths for users ranging from data folks, business ops to customer success.


Designed to deploy predictive modelsOne tool for data processing, analysis and modeling! The user-friendly workflow interface helps you explore all your data & more. Supports all analytical tasks: Extracting and saving data from/to different database systems, files, and…

S3 Group Asia Pte Ltd

S3 Group Asia Pte Ltd is a software solutions company specializing in technologies and services. Leveraging their understanding of the digital landscape, they strive to create transformative solutions that empower businesses across Asia and globally.S3 Group is a partner of WhereScape,…

Webonise Data & AI

Webonise's data science team handles projects across a range of industries, offering support from experts in statistics, GIS, machine learning, database architecture, and data visualization. And their team boasts a background modelling and tuning databases at scale. Their team can…

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SeekTable is a web-based BI tool that allows business users without IT background to create reports and analyze data in a self-service manner. Typically on-premise SeekTable installations are used as:a reporting portal either for internal company's staff or external clients/customers…

SG Analytics
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A global insights and analytics firm, SG Analytics aims to provide relevant, actionable, and reliable insights by offering contextual data-centric research services to its clients across market research, technology, investment insights, data modernization, healthcare, data analytics,…

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Kyligence Zen is a low-code metrics platform to define, collect, and analyze business metrics. It connects to data sources and enables users to define business metrics, uncover hidden insights, and share them across their organization.

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Quantworks headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina offers analytics services.

DTN Aviation Weather Intelligence

DTN delivers comprehensive aviation weather intelligence around the world, offering up-to-date weather forecasts, routing guidance and operational intelligence, to help quickly make decisions and improve flights and airport operations.

Kyndryl Data and AI Services

Kyndryl's data and AI services enable business insights at scale with their data foundation, modernization & platform management. Their global services make the user's business ready for AI, as well as speed up data preparation with automated workflows and a modern data fabric.

Data Leaders Marketplace

The Marketplace is dedicated to Data and Analytics and are aiming for it to be the trusted source of information in this space. Ultimately they help CDOs and their teams discover the right technology, consultancies or services, to make better buying decisions.

Netrix Global - Data Analytics and BI Services

Netrix Global makes data actionable by assessing, developing and managing databases that empower data-driven cultures to visualize performance, trends, etc. and make smarter business decisions. They provide capabilities across data architecture, data engineering, business intelligence,…

West Monroe Intellio

West Monroe headquartered in Chicago offers Intellio,a suite of assets that aim to drive results by giving clients the intelligent insights to make better decisions with better business outcomes.

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Skycatch is an aerial data analytics 3D platform for autonomously capturing, processing, and analyzing 3D drone data. They provide companies with accurate visualization and data collection.

EPC Group
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EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and offers Microsoft Power BI, Office 365, MS Teams, and SharePoint technology consulting and software integration services. Since its incorporation in 1997, EPC Group has been helping organizations to collaborate, communicate, and…

MindStream Analytics AppCare

MindStream AppCare is a managed services offering. Acting as an extension of the customer's team, AppCare manages applications including Oracle Hyperion and OneStream Software, supports users to drive end-user adoption , and oversees application extensions, to provide customers with…

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FortisAI is a modern data analytics system architecture employing both natural language processing (NLP) and other machine learning capability to perform a wide range of mission support functions. The architecture, which advantages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and high…

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DeepIQ provides AI software and data science services to enterprises.

Learn More About Data Analytics and BI Services

What are Data Analytics and BI Services?

Data Analytics and BI (Business Intelligence) Services are used by businesses to help analyze data and provide intelligent, actionable insights that maximize operational efficiency, contribute to informed decision making, create a competitive advantage, and discover new revenue streams. The services do a needs analysis to determine the best solution, which could be data analytics and BI as a managed service or by selecting and deploying the necessary tools and technology to support a business’s data analytics and BI goals.

Difference between Data Analytics and BI

The terms data analytics and BI are often conflated but have certain differences. Machine Learning (ML) and AI-driven data analytics focus on understanding data relationships, patterns, and trends while providing predictive capabilities to forecast future results.BI encompasses data analytics and other reporting tools to drive decision-making based on past results using real-time and historical data. Business Intelligence is used to operate the business in the most effective manner, while data analytics is used to transform the business.

These providers help companies manage large and complex amounts of data, minimizing the need for in-house data science professionals and IT expertise. Data discovery is an important part of data analytic services, identifying business data that can originate from a variety of sources including ERP, CRM, Office Productivity, and Marketing Automation systems. BI services offer company insights in readily understandable formats.

The services and the tools they use support the following major categories of data analytics and business intelligence: finance, customer behavior and experience, sales, product, brand, supply chain, transportation and logistics, enterprise, and operations. Data analytics and BI services work with the major data analytics and BI platforms and tools such as MS Power BI, Tableau, Snowflake, Google Cloud, and Azure Synapse.

Data Analytics and BI Services Features

Data Analytics and BI Services will have most of the following features.

  • Data analytics and BI consulting services and needs assessment
  • Data analytics and BI as a managed service
  • Data analytics and BI platform and tool selection and implementation
  • Data management: discovery, collection, preparation, cleansing, integration, migration, and warehousing
  • Data mining
  • Data science: big data and unstructured data viewed through advanced mathematics and statistics
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting using machine learning and AI
  • Data visualization
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Data security

Data Analytics and BI Services Comparison

Consider the following when comparing Data Analytics and BI Services.

Service vs Installation: A business can employ data analytics and BI as a managed service or can use a service provider’s expertise to select and install these tools in the cloud or on-premises for in-house management. Obtaining a needs analysis from data analytics and BI services will help inform that decision.

Tool Set: Data analytics and BI services use a range of platforms and tools to satisfy their customer’s requirements. Some data analytics and BI services specialize in using or deploying specific tools such as MS Power BI or Tableau.

Pricing Information

It is usually necessary to obtain a price quote from data analytics and BI service providers as businesses will have different requirements and varying scales of operation. For businesses that are using these services to deploy their own solution, an initial assessment begins at $1,000 and tool implementations begin at $10,000, not including the cost of the tool. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Data Analytics and BI Services do?

Data Analytics and BI (Business Intelligence) Services offer business analytics and BI as a managed service or provide the expertise to select and install analytical and intelligence tools in-house, or in the cloud, based on a business’s requirements.

What are the benefits of using Data Analytics and BI Services?

Data analytics and BI services help businesses leverage their data to maximize operational efficiency, contribute to informed decision making, enhance customer satisfaction, increase productivity, create a competitive advantage, discover new revenue streams, identify business opportunities, and intelligently plan for future growth.

What are the best Data Analytics and BI Services?

How much do Data Analytics and BI Services cost?

Price quotes are required for data analytics and BI as managed services. Using these services to support the implementation of in-house managed data analytics and BI tools begins at around $10,000. Free trials are available.