AppDynamics Review
Updated April 23, 2021

AppDynamics Review

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Overall Satisfaction with AppDynamics

Single pane viewing of what matters most. The simple click of a button and I can view infrastructure response, user "click thru" i.e. completes in a weekly/monthly report that takes minutes instead of hours to create. We were able to view what percentage of users visited/clicked thru with the device and time of day. We were also able to see their drop point. Immediately saw a trend and got our app team on it. After that, we saw an almost immediate uptick with our business partners.
  • What sold me was the agent-less monitoring of the databases so we could actually see in real time what days/times we needed to apply additional CPU resources.
  • Provides complete visibility on the application's performance (Application Monitoring), database performance, and infrastructure performance ranging from 1 day - 1 year.
  • The level of insights it provided helped us address the production issues quickly and we started using it for all new development and deployment. It helped us move from being reactive to proactive in identifying and managing issues/ bottlenecks
  • Price of the AppDynamics is high. But it has many valuable features. This makes it difficult for small businesses to enter.
  • Functionality is overkill for most small to midsize businesses (SMBs). When stacking up product units, it can get pricey for enterprises as well.
  • With fine granular configs and customizations available, it will also mean that it is very complicated and requires a certain amount of knowledge before we can make full use of all features in the product. Much careful thought and planning is required to get the most of it. Set-up will be longer. One recommendation is for features to be better documented.
  • AppDynamics is helping many applications by identifying the performance issues and bottlenecks so that they can be fixed to improve application performance, reduce resource utilization, and memory leaks.T his in-turn provides a cost benefit to the organizations and customer satisfaction.
  • We can analyze large amounts of data quickly and it helps us spot upcoming issues before they have happened. This means we can be safe in the knowledge that our network is going to run without any problems which is extremely important to a business.
  • Monitoring app usage and error reporting. AppDynamics can also help you drastically cut down the time spent looking for the source of an issue, it can then help towards preventing a repeat of the same problem.
AppDynamics automatically discovers and monitors every dependency and business transaction out of the box (no manual instrumentation required). AppDynamics proprietary Dynamic Baselining takes the seasonality of your application into account and proactively alerts you on every slow transaction (not just the slowest) and does not require the disabling of monitoring functionality as a compromise to limit overhead. AppDynamics allows you to isolate and resolve issues all from one tightly integrated platform rather than stitched together products.
We execute various types of performance testing such as load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, and spike testing on the daily basis in various environments. It was tough to detect and monitor the performance issues for each type of performance testing, but using AppDynamics, it is possible to create a trend in bottleneck detection. When the performance testing projects integrated with CI/CD pipeline, then the AppDynamics plugin helps a lot. for example, if there is a performance degradation, it allows the job to be failed.

AppDynamics Feature Ratings

Application monitoring
Database monitoring
Threshold alerts
Predictive capabilities
Application performance management console
Collaboration tools