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Application Performance Management Software

Best Application Performance Management Software

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Application Performance Management Software Overview

What is Application Performance Management Software?

Application performance management (APM) software monitors software to ensure performance and availability. These tools have been traditionally focused on enterprise applications like ERP systems. They alert IT staff to any disruptions to load time or response time that are preventing end users from accessing mission-critical applications.

APM tools don’t just alert IT managers concerning problems, they also help to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. They do this by detecting early warning signs that might presage future issues.

New Approaches

Applications have become much more difficult to manage because of the shift away from monolithic applications. Modern applications are often composite, highly complex, distributed apps comprising many different cloud services.

Traditional APM was not necessarily designed to manage these highly distributed apps. They are often unable to manage the interplay between different services. For this reason, some new approaches have emerged which are capable of monitoring all kinds of apps whether on-premise, SaaS, mobile or web apps.

User Experience Management and APM

As end users are more and more attuned to very fast consumer web applications, expectations regarding the performance of complex business applications are higher than ever, and user experience management has consequently become an important subset of application performance management.

Pricing Information

Enterprise application performance monitoring tools are typically priced per server, and sometimes time in use is also a factor. These systems typically cost at least $200 per month per server. SMB solutions are often significantly less expensive.

Application Performance Management Products

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Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo)

161 Ratings

Turbonomic’s Hybrid Cloud Management Platform enables heterogeneous environments to self-manage to assure the performance of any application in any cloud. Turbonomic’s patented decision engine dynamically analyzes application demand and allocates shared resources in real time to maintain a...

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

142 Ratings

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) delivers powerful application and server monitoring capabilities for IT pros enabling them to diagnose and troubleshoot issues faster. The vendor’s value proposition is that this solution prevents slow applications and downtime from impacting...


65 Ratings

Dynatrace is the new application monitoring platform from Dynatrace LLC in Waltham, MA.

New Relic APM

56 Ratings

New Relic is an all-in-one web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. They provide 24x7 user monitoring and code-level diagnostics for production apps deployed on dedicated infrastructures, the cloud, or hybrid environments and real time end-to-end...

System Center Operations Manager

56 Ratings

Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a monitoring and application performance management option.


40 Ratings

AppDynamics from the company of the same name in San Francisco is an application performance management and mobile APM offering.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring

30 Ratings

Dynatrace aims to redefine how organizations monitor today’s digital ecosystems. According to the vendor their solution which is AI-powered, full stack and completely automated, is the only solution that provides answers, not just data, based on deep insight into every user, every transaction,...

SiteScope (formerly HP SiteScope)

10 Ratings

SiteScope (formerly HP SiteScope) is an application performance monitoring tool, acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.


8 Ratings

CA Technologies offers CA APM, their application performance management platform.


12 Ratings

Foglight from Dell is an application performance management, and also mobile APM, offering.

TrueSight Operations Management

4 Ratings

TrueSight Operations Management from BMC Software is an IT infrastructure monitoring and management application, supporting application performance management and event monitoring offering. The offering subsumes the former ProActive Performance Management and PATROL application.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

11 Ratings

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is an application performance management tool, from Dynatrace is Waltham, Massachusetts, a division of Compuware.


2 Ratings

Apteligent (formerly Crittercism) is a mobile application performance management platform from VMware since the May 2017 acquisition.

Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals

4 Ratings

SteelCentral AppInternals is an application performance management offering from company Riverbed, in San Francisco.

CA Wily Customer Experience Manager

4 Ratings

CA Wily Customer Experience Manager (CEM) is an application performance management offering, from CA Technologies.


4 Ratings

LiveAction is a network management platform from the company of the same name in Santa Clara, California.

Visual TruView

10 Ratings

Visual TruView is a network monitoring and application performance management offering acquired by NETSCOUT in 2015 from Fluke Networks.

Precise Application Performance Platform

1 Ratings

Precise Application Performance Platform is an APM solution from Idera.


1 Ratings

Stackify is a website and app monitoring tool from the small Kansas City company of the same name.


2 Ratings

APM+ is a lightweight agent allowing developers to have an always-on Application Performance Management solution that enables the identification of application performance issues. APM+ gives developers continuous, real-time analysis of application behavior. The vendor says its combination of...

Micro Focus Diagnostics (formerly HP Diagnostics)

4 Ratings

Micro Focus Diagnostics (formerly HP Diagnostics) is an application performance management tool, acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

Dynatrace Data Center Real-User Monitoring

9 Ratings

Dynatrace Data Center Real-User Monitoring (or RUM) is an application performance management offering, from Dynatrace in Waltham, Massachusetts, a division of Compuware.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Appfirst is a cloud platform for applications and operations analytics from the company of the same name in New York.

Riverbed Steelcentral AppResponse

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Riverbed Technology in San Francisco offers Steelcentral AppResponse, a network and application performance monitoring option.