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Justin Mularski | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 04, 2017

iRecommend iAd

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Overall Satisfaction with Apple iAd

I developed creative content for Apple iAds purchased by a leading automaker. The ads were intended to highlight specific features of different brand models, targeted toward the demographic audience most likely to be interested in those models. The iAd platform allowed our client to reach said audience on the mobile devices and digital content they use most frequently.
  • Potential to develop entirely new creative content to impress existing proof points on a target audience.
  • Use of intuitive device features that help bring creative content to life in a relevant way.
  • A compelling platform upon which to repackage and represent existing creative.
  • There were certain features of the mobile devices we weren't able to access, such as vibration, which could've enhanced the overall user experience.
  • The development process could've been more streamlined for creatives and marketers not intimately familiar with the platform.
  • More functionality in the initial banners could've resulted in increased engagement.
  • Engagement with the content we created surpassed expectations, equating our product with a worthy expenditure of time.
  • Time spent with the content we created allowed for additional opportunity to express our messaging.
  • As far as I know, there was no negative impact.
In some instances, we developed an experience for AdMob simultaneously with our iAd experience, working with both teams on a daily basis. While the Google team was skilled, receptive and helpful, Apple device functionality was broader and thus allowed for a little more imagination in bringing intuitive relevance to the creative content we developed.
I think iAd works best when it's possible to create a fresh immersive experience. If you're only using the platform to repurpose content a user could easily find elsewhere, it may not be worth their time or yours. If the product or message supports development of content that provides value, entertainment or otherwise, for a user, the platform offers ample opportunity.