How Articulate Studio Helped Us & Saved $$
January 18, 2019

How Articulate Studio Helped Us & Saved $$

John Fester | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Articulate Studio

We utilize Articulate Studio to create training courses for individuals that require training to become a travel agent. The courses allow for us to have quizes and tests that can be retaken, or causes a person to fail the course and retake the course from the beginning. We also use this software as way to train our internal staff in other departments duties, in order to have a good cross-department availability for when more people are needed in other departments.
  • They made it very easy to understand how to add new content to the courses, including images, videos or audio, of course, you are still able to do text-based content as well.
  • Creating quizzes has never been easier. The ability to add controls to each question and what actions each answer creates, whether an additional question or passing to the next section. Customizing these actions are very easy to learn and add to your course.
  • Being able to use your own scoring mechanism is awesome! I like SCORM but there are many options to use including a custom one of your own. This ability allows you to pass your students over to a proprietary system that enrolls them in the next course, or use the built-in utilities to provide the next course or quiz, the choice is yours!
  • The software is robust, it can be intimidating at first. Do not be shy, get in there and play around, you'll learn a lot in 10 minutes. What they could do better is provide a better introductory walkthrough when you first install. It could be a tutorial that allows you to pause and return later to the same point you were at. There are basic tutorials when you first open it but is very limited.
  • The integration of different scoring mechanisms could be improved in the GUI. This section of the GUI has limited information and causes a new user to search for much of the information online. For advanced users, you will know exactly what to do in this screen, but for the beginner you will find yourself scratching your head a bit. Adding a more user-friendly screen, that possibly has a toggle for the advanced mode, would be helpful.
  • I would love to see a more online version, where most of the controls or content is online and can be pulled in to your project, creating a smaller installation. I am the IT Manager, so storage is on my mind and the software is robust...meaning that it also consumes significant storage space.
  • Prior to using this software, we were using a combination of other software, four in total, to accomplish the same task. Investing in Articulate Studio has saved us an annual cost of +$1,900 just in the software alone. Our ROI is less than 8 months as a result of the savings and time consumption saved by using one software and training on one software only.
  • Having a lower impact on computer resources, Articulate Studio allowed us to install it on more users workstations that were not able to support other software. This reduced cost significantly by not requiring "mega computers" to run the software we previously used. Since Articulate Studio runs so smoothly, we can purchase standard workstations and it runs great on them.
  • Having new employees join the team and training them on producing training courses has never been easier. They only require 3 days of training in Articulate Studio vs. two weeks we needed previously to train on 3 different software to accomplish the same tasks.
Articulate Studio still beats the competition by including all the necessary tools and utilities to create a course, add the content, videos, and quizes all from one user-friendly GUI. Other software works good, but you will need two or three combinations to do what Articulate Studio does all-in-one. It does not slow down your system nor does it cost you half your homes value to obtain. It will run smoothly and is very easy to learn and understand.
If you need to build courses that have quizzes and want to control the audience's attention to the course, rather than starting a course and watching YouTube while it plays in the background, or if you need to have the results go to a proprietary system that you control, then Articulate Studio will be a well suited software solution for you.

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