The future of Software is Serverless.
September 07, 2018

The future of Software is Serverless.

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Overall Satisfaction with AWS Lambda

At Newstex, we use AWS Lambda for a large portion of our AWS workload. We are slowly transitioning all of our services over to Lambda from our previous EC2 servers. Currently we use Lambda to run feed processing, categorization, and normalization of blog posts. We are also using it to monitor our CloudWatch Logs for anomalies and alert our on-call staff to potential issues. We trigger Lambda from CloudWatch events (scheduled) as well as DynamoDB streams and SQS Queues.


  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to integrate with DynamoDB
  • SQS Support makes it easier to monitor and integrate
  • Easy to scale
  • Pay for what you use, not idle time
  • Focus on your business logic


  • Some errors are hard to track
  • Hard to plan for costs
  • Maximum of 5 minutes of execution time per invoke
  • Less focus on servers, more on code
  • Saves money when not in use
  • No more planning reserved instances
  • No more worries about OS upgrades or patches
Web requests are perfectly suited for Lambda, as are any events that can happen quickly. As Lambda supports more languages, such as Go and Node.JS, it becomes easy to ignore things like frameworks and just focus on a single function. Keep in mind that Lambda functions do not run constantly in the background, and only run when requested, so they are ideal for spikey workloads on-demand.


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