Best options for Windows
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January 16, 2018

Best options for Windows

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Overall Satisfaction with BitLocker Drive Encryption

As you know, data security is very important. You do not want your personal data to be stolen, the company must also protect its data. The computers we use are of great value, and could fall prey to thieves. Since it is difficult to physically protect the hardware from being stolen, it is very important to encrypt the data.

With the combination of Bitlocker, TPM and user/password, it is much harder for a thief to recover the data on the disk. Together with LAPS, Bitlocker is a must! Don't forget to backup your data.
  • Part of Windows Pro and + licensing.
  • Very easy to deploy and maintain.
  • Embedded in the software, and Windows patching.
  • Well known
  • Cannot Dualboot (disaster)
  • Should be integrated in AD out of the box (MBAM)
  • Add 2FA (with RSA/Authenticator?) out-of the box
  • If you ever had a laptop stolen, you know that the ROI is instant!
  • Licenses are part of Windows, and the effort minimal
  • It's a must!
There is not much alternative to Bitlocker, you may want to try self-encrypted disk, but for a business perspective, it is not as easy as Bitlocker to manage. Self-encrypted may be faster, but recovering data for a system administrator is a disaster.

There was more alternative before, but Bitlocker now dominate the market.
BitLocker is perfect for company that uses Windows only, but if you have Windows, Mac, and Linux, you may need 3 solutions because Bitlocker is proprietary code for Windows only. We have to use FileVault for Mac and LVM for Linux.

It can run on desktops, laptops, and servers, and now on VM 2016, only TPM required, one technology.