Endpoint Encryption15Endpoint Encryption Software encompasses encryption of disks, folders and files, and also removable media (e.g. flash drives) that may be easily stolen, to prevent data loss and maintain compliance.DigitalPersona1https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/bm/L0/B5L329E818WT.JPEGSymantec Endpoint Encryption2https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Hb/7e/RK3T6W25HVGI.PNGBitLocker Drive Encryption3https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/tf/J4/RTX1AO2GSVNS-180x180.JPEGSafeGuard4https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/aW/xM/0AFACIEHNKRT-180x180.JPEGAbsolute5https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Lm/ZW/H8UZNQ7900H2.JPEGMobile Armor6https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/jO/Qr/06NTU61NMFS5.pngMcAfee Total Protection for Data7https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/eB/ri/277N5FG3B8SN-180x180.JPEGSymantec Drive Encryption8https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/4q/QY/K9TTG2FGRKUZ-180x180.PNGCredant9https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/QU/Ro/1VKOUZJX2NK3-180x180.PNGDigital Guardian10https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/I4/0V/IO0RKKK4QG0I.jpegTrustwave Encryption11https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/lf/MQ/UVJDUQ7TI797.jpegPointsec12https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/el/42/AVP2KQBCPVTB.jpegCheck Point Endpoint Security (Sandblast Agent)13https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/el/42/U27D2GRE44ZS.jpegF-Secure Protection Service for Business14https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/4u/3k/1J9AT1MUARJN-180x180.JPEGCodeproof15https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Gr/7f/8HFTEQG7PT2P.pngEgoSecure EndPoint16https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Tx/Lh/ZJ8O28Z4OZ0N.pngSecureDoc17https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/gB/NZ/BOS8NQTA73AW.jpegMicro Focus ZENworks Suite18https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Zm/IY/D5DAJSH3LPPI-180x180.GIFSecureFolder19https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/HD/qz/ES13P1821NHX.pngEmbassy Trust Suite20https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/9O/cx/6AC7357AP128.pngPrivilege Manager21https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/YG/lp/TKJT87HBZIFU-180x180.JPEGVormetric Data Security Platform22https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Vp/gD/D0ORNQNAOLNC-180x180.JPEGZENworks Full Disk Encryption (formerly Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption)23https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Zm/IY/D5DAJSH3LPPI-180x180.GIFTrustedDisk24https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/t1/03/GW9B3JVCDZK1-180x180.JPEGVynamic Security Hard Disk Encryption (HDE)25https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/6f/nZ/16ZZEPNUXFPL-180x180.JPEG

Endpoint Encryption Software

Endpoint Encryption Software Overview

What is Endpoint Encryption Software?

Endpoint Encryption Software protects data residing on a computer hard drive (whether a personal computer or a server) and other network endpoints such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, SD memory cards, etc.

Endpoint encryption can happen in one of two ways. The first is encrypting the files or data on a computer. The advantage of this approach is that each file is encrypted and will remain so if it is moved from the source computer to a different computer. The disadvantage is that each file must be encrypted one by one.

A second approach is often called disk encryption of full disk encryption. With this approach, the entire hard disk drive is encrypted. This approach is particularly helpful in the event of device theft or loss as everything on the hard drive is automatically protected. A possible downside of this approach is that if any file on the encrypted disk is moved to another computer or a flash drive, it is no longer encrypted.

Endpoint Encryption Products

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Crossmatch's DigitalPersona provides a comprehensive multi-factor authentication solution. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution frees users from cumbersome login activities while making it easy for an IT Team to secure access to their networks, data and applications.

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Absolute is an adaptive endpoint security solution. It provides users with a persistent connection to all of their endpoints and the data they contain. The vendor says, by maintaining a two-way connection with each device, users have the insight they need to assess risk and apply remote security ...

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Codeproof Technologies, a Delaware corporation doing business in Redmond, Washington, offers their brand of endpoint encryption and mobile data loss prevention software.

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EgoSecure EndPoint from the German company of the same name is an endpoint encryption option, based on technology acquired from Swiss company Secude (branded FinallySecure).

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SecureDoc from Canadian company WinMagic is an endpoint encryption option.

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SecureFolder is an encryption and mobile protection offering from Swiss company Secude.

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Privilege Manager from Thycotic in Washington, D.C. is an endpoint protection application emphasizing protection against ransomware and advanced cybersecurity threats and reducing strain on the help desk, with minimal loss of employee time dedicated to privilege and access.

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Micro Focus offers ZENworks Full Disk Encryption (formerly a Novell product before that company's acquisition by Micro Focus), a solution to encrypt desktops and laptops, and also manage encrypted devices in a centralized fashion from a single console. The application is available on its own as n...

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German company Rohde & Schwarz offers TrustedDisk, a compliant endpoint encryption solution for enterprises.