Bizagi Modeler : The best way to design and document business processes.
Updated November 11, 2015

Bizagi Modeler : The best way to design and document business processes.

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Bizagi Modeler 2.9

Overall Satisfaction with Bizagi BPM Suite

I started to use Bizagi Modeler 3 years ago, when I managed a SAP complex project. We had some problems with our key users and how to define the relation between each piece that SAP must develop. We didn’t see how each business activities articulated with others. Then I searched for tools that ease the communication between the SAP project team (IT) and our key business users. I found the language BPMN, and different softwares compliant with BPMN. I tested them and I definitely found that Bizagi modeler was the most convenient. And it is totally free. Bizagi Modeler is very easy to use, very user-friendly, has a great look and you work quickly with it. Then after this positive experience, I have convinced all my IT colleagues to use it.

The next important project was an SAP upgrade. For that, because we didn’t have much documentation or it was outdated, we proposed to the stakeholders (IT & Business) to use Bizagi Modeler to document processes that we must test. Now, IT team and key business users are accustomed to using Bizagi Modeler and to read the BPMN diagram. For each requirement, IT wants a process model designed with Bizagi Modeler.

  • Work fast & well : Very easy to use, user friendly and a great look. You can design your process model quickly.
  • Document a publication : At each BPMN symbol you can define and add your own attributes that can be text zones as picture or attached documents. A lot of possibilities. Then you can publish a word document, a pdf file, html page, sharepoint, wiki, .... In this "publication", you'll find pictures of your model, a table of contents and all the attributes you have added and their values.
  • Collaborative : You can use a collaborative mode where you can work on the same model, add comment on what you changed, chat with your colleague about it... Very nice
  • Simulation & test : You can simulate and test your model with a lot of parameters (costs, time, statistics,...)
  • Presentation : There is also a presentation mode. You walk trough the model and you show attributes of what you want.
  • Totally free
  • Tutorials & Community: A lot of videos to learn BPMN and to use Bizagi Modeler. Don't hesitate to sign in Bizagi. You won't be spammed with a lot of emails. 3 years I signed in Bizagi and I think I didn't receive more than 3 emails a year.
  • Some minor things to improve but works pretty well. If you have an idea to improve Bizagi Modeler, you can post it on the Bizagi forum, and maybe, in a next release, you will find it realized. Yes, it happened to me.
  • Do better and readable documentation.
  • Ease the communication between IT and business users.
  • Modelize your processes, it is the first step to improve them.
  • Bizagi Modeler and Bizagi Studio are totally free with all functionnalities.
  • Aris Express,bonitasoft,Innovator,visio
Bizagi Modeler is BPMN compliant. You can document each symbol used in your models. You can define your own properties attributes. You can publish the documentation. You can simulate process. Very nice look. Very easy to understand, to use, very user friendly. Good tutorials and support.
Bizagi is very well suited for beginners in process modeling and you can continue with it when you get more experienced. It is very nice tool to document your processes. Try it, it is totally free !

Using Bizagi BPM Suite

As a SAP project manager, I design process to build a solution with the business users.
As the SAP Architect, I review process required by users and approve it or ask more details. A process model, made with Bizagi Modeler is mandatory.
A lot of different kind of people use Bizagi Modeler. They don't need special skill to use it (just be able to write and use a mouse), but must have business analyst skill to do it right.
  • Communication between each stakeholder.
  • Documentation
  • Design new processes
  • Analyzing existing process to improve it as some disciplines of continuous improvement require
  • With the Bizagi BPM suite, it is possible to lauch a BPM project through all the organization.
Try it and you will understand.

Bizagi BPM Suite Implementation

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