Easy to use, but not recommended for complex integrations.
November 03, 2015

Easy to use, but not recommended for complex integrations.

Francois Gravel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Boomi

We wanted to be able to create/maintain integration jobs between different systems easily and not necessarily use a professional database administrator (DBA) to do so. This goal was achieved. I would like to mention that I received outstanding, good service from Anton Damiani. He was our trainer and we also bought some consulting services from Boomi with him as a resource. He definitely goes above and beyond to give help when needed.
  • Visual interface. An inexperienced user can figure out what the job does in a simple look.
  • Quick to get a simple integration going. Some of our integrations took just few hours to build are are still running after 2 years.
  • Out of the box connectors to Salesforce, Taleo and other common SAAS.
  • Not easy to troubleshoot failures. Unable to easily access payloads and components.
  • Dev mode is painful with a limit of 10 records.
  • Running processes even on dev mode takes a long time. Takes at least 20 seconds before starting to process.
  • (Negative) Ended up spending more time trying to get around the UI interface for more complex integration.
  • (Negative) Licensing cost for Dev/QA/Staging and Prod makes this product very expensive even for simple stuff. Even a simple process that needs a DB connector, Http Connector and a Mail Connector, you would need 3 connector x 4 environments = 12 connectors at roughly $500 per month per connector.... $6000 per month for a very simple integration.
  • (Positive) Simple integration can be built within few hours.
Boomi seemed simpler to use and very promising. The existing connector to Salesforce and Taleo was definitely a factor in our decision. The pre-sale support from Boomi was exceptional, they never hesitated to jump on a virtual conference to show us how it is is done. Unfortunately, after few years, we realized that we could have a better ROI with a different platform. At this point we have already started to move the process out of Boomi to implement it in Mule ESB.
Boomi is well suited if you have simple integrations that need to be built fast and don't necessarily have a DBA on-premise. It is not well suited in an environment where you need a dev, QA, staging and production environment. You will be strangled by the stiff licensing costs.

Boomi Feature Ratings

Pre-built connectors
Connector modification
Support for real-time and batch integration
Data quality services
Data security features
Monitoring console

Using Boomi

5 - System Integrator, DBA, BI Analyst
1 - Deep understanding of system integration, SOA architecture, good SQL knowledge. Also need to be comfortable installing software, and access[ing] filesystem. Need to be very organized because the version control is quite confusing.
  • Simple Integration [than can be] quickly implemented.
  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • Same process can easily be run in different environments.
  • Able to upload file to an FTP server on a schedule without any complexity.
  • Not planning to build anythign new in Boomi as we are moving to Mule ESB.
We already started to move our integrations to Mule ESB.