Good product overall. Recommended for content creation by non-technical staff.
August 27, 2014

Good product overall. Recommended for content creation by non-technical staff.

Amey Ghadigaonkar | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cascade Server

Cascade Server is used mainly by people without hands on experience with web technologies like HTML/CSS. I am a member of the technical staff and advise non-technical people of the usage of the Cascade Server. The main business problem it solves is abstraction from the underlying technical details of our website and allows for easy content creation.
  • It handles the underlying HTML/CSS details very well. In my experience, in most of the cases, our accounts and HR department was easily able to create content quickly on the Cascade Server without needing help from any technical staff.
  • It provides the ability to define multiple kinds of layout. This is essential for creating a decent UI without too much hassle.
  • The style sheets are centrally located. I can change the logos for the entire website with just a few clicks. Also, I have restricted access to these config files to ensure that the site is not tarnished unknowingly by other employees. I thus don't have to worry about any sudden changes on the live server.
  • Cascade Server does not allow for easy integration of JQuery plugins. Every time I hit enter on the content manager, it creates a new div. This really messes up my JQuery.
  • The publisher queue SHOULD be multi-threaded especially when pushing to different sections of the website. It will greatly reduce waiting time for users.
  • The "new" feature on the menu bar inside the Cascade Server takes forever to load. Why are the links on generated dynamically while the page is loaded like a normal menu-bar? It starts to load when I click on it and it takes about 3-6 seconds to load. Thats very bad response time.
  • It greatly reduced the need for technical staff intervention when creating new content leading to increased employee productivity.
  • It made life difficult for developers trying to integrate some JQuery plugins.
  • Modifying content was much simpler with the CMS since it provided a representative interface.
Google App Engine needs technically advanced users. This is not the case for a majority of employees who create content. We needed something everyone could use. We thus went with a simpler option which was straightforward to use and easy to maintain.
Many employees feel comfortable with Cascade Server. Employees with the HR and finance department are happy since they can create their own content, modify and maintain it without the need for any kind of technical knowledge or any knowledge of how the application is maintained. The system provides a way to insert HTML code directly onto the generated pages. This makes life easier for devs working on creating something interesting on the CMS.
Cascade Server is suited if a majority of your content creators/publishers lack technical knowledge to make things happen without a CMS. It is less appropriate when creating interactive websites, or websites with responsive elements like AJAX requests or modern libraries like AngularJS.