Down Click Clickability
Updated July 07, 2015

Down Click Clickability

Adam Blinzler | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Clickability

Right now it is used for all websites for Vance publishing. Clickability allows multiple users to add pages easily who do not have any HTML or programing experience. It also allows for the flexibility to design templates which can easily display information from other sources. On of the best things about Clickability is we needed a page to manage our webinars and show different titles and content based on dates. Clickability allowed us to program to display "Upcoming Webinar" vs "Watch Now" dependent on the date. It also is easier for the editor who is responsible for the webinar to change information or add information as needed without knowing any programing or markup.
  • Clickability is good at allowing information to be updated quickly by people that don't understand HTML markup or programing.
  • Clickability has a powerful programing language.
  • Clickbility allows you to return to previous versions. This is very important when testing and if you make mistakes.
  • It doesn't allow testing to people who do not have passwords. You must create an account to test in staging. I would like to be able to show someone a website in staging without them needing to log in.
  • I would like the process for static websites to be more streamlined. I don't like creating a template then create content for a website that won't be changed by updated content.
  • You have a useful resource pdf. Which I use all the time. I would also like to see more useful tools to help the learning curve for Clickability. Video's, webcasts, or white pages to help with the steep learning curve that Clickability has.
  • Add easy access to social sites for sharing and posting.
  • The ability to have editors update information or ad articles quickly is very important and Clickability makes this easy for them. Our business is information and it is crucial that we are able to get information online quickly.
  • From a programers perspective Clickability has lots of strength and is very powerful. The powerfulness also makes it a large learning curve to learn.
  • Being tasked with finding issues or fixing previous issues is very difficult. Due to the process of templates and content you often have to go many places to find one or two issues. I would like to see something that shows you this template is used on these pages and this content is being linked to these templates.
I think it is on par with what I did with Sharepoint. Sharepoint was not the easiest and you have to do many things twice to get it to actually display. I think the easiest I have used is Wordpress. They make mobile very easy and allow for quick changes and are very social friendly. The issues I have with Wordpress is that they don't have the power of the Clickability programing. Drupal I haven't used but we are going to start using them next year. Going forward it sounds like it will be more streamlined and allow for easy mobile and social sharing with Drupal.
Having used other programs that are similar. I find Clickability has some of the most flexibility and power with its programing code. The problem is the curve to learn the new code is very steep. There are other systems not as powerful as Clickability but have a much smaller learning curve. Some of my issues may be due to the fact I am tasked with fixing some of the issues with the previous person. The organization of content, templates can be difficult to find where the problem is.

Clickability (discontinued) Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG editor
Code quality / cleanliness
Admin section
Page templates
Library of website themes
Mobile optimization / responsive design
Publishing workflow
Form generator
Not Rated
Content taxonomy
SEO support
Not Rated
Bulk management
Not Rated
Availability / breadth of extensions
Community / comment management
Not Rated
Internationalization / multi-language
Not Rated
Role-based user permissions

Using Clickability

As mentioned in the last questions we are going to use a competitor brand next year. I think the issues are trying to find and fix problems from the previous programer. The steep learning curve and lack of mobile and social sharing capabilities. Things that I like are the strength of the programing which comes with a trade off. The ease for those who don't know markup to make updates to the website. Clickability isn't the easiest and can be difficult to find the content that you are interested in. We will not be using it next year.

Clickability Implementation

Using Clickability

Well integrated
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Slow to learn
Feel nervous using
Lots to learn
  • From a person who just updates the website and fills forms out. It is easy to do that. This was all added by the programer which is a tedious task.
  • I think the history of searches and being able to return to published history is very good