Confirmit sure works for us.
Updated December 01, 2014

Confirmit sure works for us.

Ausrine Pasakarnyte | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Programming base
  • Translations module

Overall Satisfaction with Confirmit

We use Confirmit for online survey programming and translator module for the so called "language overlay". We mainly deal with data collection in medical market research.
All our data services are using Confirmit for programming, quality assurance, data processing, language overlay. I cannot say that this is the entire company, as WorldOne provides more services than just data collection.
  • It is multifunctional and user friendly. Even if I am not a programmer, it was still relatively easy to understand how it works.
  • It has a great compatibility with other programmes (such a Sawtooth) and much broader customization possibilities.
  • From what I have heard from our programmers, they have a pretty good support.
  • Compared to the previous programming base that we were using many years ago, this one is so much better.
  • Well other then some occasional glitches after the major updates I really cannot think of anything else. (Btw they do have a pretty good problem solving center.) I guess our programmers can tell you much more than I can. I personally am a satisfied user.
  • Overall I believe it had a very positive impact. I remember how we had to ask the programmer to upload ASCII file every single time we amended something in the translated wording from our previous system and that would take at least 5 min to be uploaded. Compared to that, Confirmit was something fast and a big time saver.
  • In Confirmit there is always a room to learn new things and features. You never get bored with it. And if you do, they have a new version for you to check out.
  • I believe that since we started using Confirmit, overall quality of our services has dramatically increased. I know for sure that we have impressed a lot of our clients with the very nice layout and functionality that Confirmit permitted us to have.
Well Confirmit was a company decision that I as an employee have to use, which I really do not mind and love using.
It is actually funny how some time ago I was volunteering for one online youth organization and we were also doing online survey, however since it was outside of work activity I had to find another platform to use to program my survey (obviously it had to be unpaid platform). It was so hard to try to squeeze everything I wanted from it, especially because I knew how much more and easier it would have been with Confirmit. So having this experience I am glad that Confirmit makes our work so much easier.
Because this is the best system we have in place so far and I do not see why we would want to change it.
Well you cannot have it all in one product, there will always be something external that can be used, and that is ok. I am glad that Confirmit is not trying to be a jack of all trades but rather focuses on perfecting the products that they already have. There is a lot of room for development and perfection (not that they are bad but), especially when technology is being developed so fast. Today they are perfecting mobile version of the survey programming, tomorrow might be something completely different, and they seem to be following the trends. There is no stagnation, there is a constant move and improvement.