Conversocial: Keeping Community Manager's sane since 2009
Amy Ortega | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 15, 2014

Conversocial: Keeping Community Manager's sane since 2009

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Overall Satisfaction with Conversocial

Conversocial is currently being used by our Social Media Community Managers within the organization. There are five CMs and Conversocial addresses the daily activity and engagement we see on our Facebook page and at times we also pull in our conversations that occur on Twitter. Daily, our Community Management team uses their features to sort through responses, assign incoming comments/posts/messages to team members, tag responses, filter content, apply sentiment, etc. We also pull reports from Conversocial to identify trends and see our community's reaction to our content.

Conversocial keeps our Community Managment team organized, and with their features we are able to act quickly when responding to others and we also work with different departments to help our community members out.

  • Previous conversations: This is one of the main reasons why I personally love Conversocial over Hootsuite and other social media engagement tools. Conversocial pulls in all previous interactions we've had with community members and it helps us identify if we've already addressed their problem, if they are a detractor/advocate, and so much more. With other engagement tools, it's frustrating as a community member may repost the same thing over and over again, but at different time periods. If you're unable to see what someone has said in the past, we may waste our time replying to the same thing multiple times, or we also risk responding with the same general advice, when we could try a different approach.
  • Tags and filters: Conversocials use of tags and filters are extremely simple to use. They have shortcuts which help you easily assign a tag to an item and then you can easily pull up each of those tags within Conversocial itself or your can open up an external report. If my team is in a hurry and wants to quickly see a certain tag, we can use the filter option and within seconds we have all the information we need.
  • Simple shortcuts: Conversocial has several shortcuts that save my team a lot of time. One single button on my keyboard can apply sentiment and archive something so it's out of my way. I can also use shortcuts to apply a tag, assign an item, and do other tasks. It may seem like a small benefit but each second saved really adds up throughout each day and week.
  • Communication: As we know, technology has issues and every tech issue Conversocial has experiences has been handled extremely well. I've never encountered any issues contacting Conversocial, we're always notified when they are working on a solution and once the problem has been fixed. We also receive random pop-ups within Conversocial to notify us of known issues before our team experiences them, and when there is a new feature that we should be aware of. Their communication is always on point and it's great to know that we can always rely on them.
  • Ban settings: currently, you can only ban from one single page at a time. Our organization has a few different pages and it would be nice if we could ban one user across all pages in one single click
  • Reply and notes section: in the past it was easy to add a note as a reply. Conversocial has since changed this and made the 'reply' section very bold so you do not accidentally type a note in the reply section.
  • Tagging: It would be nice if we could tag users from Conversocial. However, this seems to be a Facebook issue and not a Conversocial one.
  • Conversocial is helping us improve customer service each and every day. By staying organized and on top of our Community Management, our organization is able to help community members and improve their experience.
  • We are also able to improve sales as potential students come to our Facebook page asking for help and we can provide more information and direct them to the right place.
  • Conversocial helps our organization identify trends through their use of tags and filters. This helps us escalate important issues to leadership so we can make any necessary changes and improvements.
  • Radian6,HootSuite Enterprise
I have also used Radian6 and Hootsuite. I did not like that you we're unable to archive in Hootsuite and could not see previous conversations. Hootsuite also had way too many columns that you could create and it was very disorganized in my opinion. Radian6 is a great tool but has way too many details. It is also a pain to delete anything within Radian6 and you have to create a specific stack just to delete. This is crazy to me there should be a delete option close by since there is bound to be a time or two that a CM post needs to be removed ASAP. I also do not like the previous conversations option in Radian6 as it does not pull in all previous responses and I have yet to see it actually work correctly.
I only use Conversocial for Community Managment and not publishing.
Conversocial works wonderfully for our Community Management team. The workflow keeps us organized and on point, task assignments are easy to assign and re-assign. We receive responses to our inbox very quickly and have started using Conversocial for additional channels. We currently mainly use Conversocial for Facebook, but we are starting to incorporate Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We currently have several Facebook pages for our campus locations, Alumni Association, and Military and it's very easy to toggle back and forth between the pages or pull all of the content across each channel in at once.
I do not have much experience in this area.
I do not have much experience in this area.
It is well suited for larger organizations that see a lot of content. If you're a very small business with little engagement, Conversocial may not be the most appropriate tool for you. I would ask yourself how much content you see each day/week, is that number going to increase for any reason, and based on that Conversocial may be the perfect fit.